Frustrated common man trying to clean the society by breaking laws and also by exposing the guilty in the most filmy ways – this is something that we have seen in many Indian films over the years. Some have worked and others have failed. Rang De Basanti was one movie that worked because of its relatable content and impeccable making. Ungli, the new bollywood thriller comes from the writer of Rang De Basanti, Rensil D’Silva. Mr. D’Silva has tried to extend his anger against the system through this movie and sadly it is a shallow and tacky film that miserably fails to create an impact.

Four youngsters from different fields (nurse, journalist, mechanic and a computer engineer) decided to create a group to punish those who make the system dirty. As it is India, their aggressive acts got a good support from the public who were also furious. The politicians wanted to see an end to this and the commissioner of police gives the responsibility of the case to ACP Ashok Kale. The cat and mouse game between the cops and the Ungli gang, the activities of the gang and how it all ends on a positive knot is what this film talking about.

The shallowness of the concept is what that makes this movie extremely dull. When Randeep Hooda’s character narrates the story that forced them to make this gang, only Emraan Hashmi’s character is moved, you as a viewer is used to this same old excuse and won’t feel any sentiments. The pace with which the characters transform is also a bit indigestible. Everything is very much predictable and that climax sulfur operation looked unrealistic. Some nice counter dialogues are there in the screenplay which somewhat makes the “small” film a passable one.

On screen, Emraan Hashmi’s character is not something fresh for the actor. The heavy attitude dude character has the mannerisms which we have seen many times and they have made the character look like an extension of his kisser image. The emotional path of the character is too simple and we won’t be surprised with his deeds. Sanjay Dutt was nice in his character. Randeep Hooda gets to do some smiling and romancing. Kangana was wasted. Not much there for Angad Bedi and Neil Bhoopalam. Neha Dhupia, Mahesh Manjrekar etc are there in the star cast who did an okay performance.

Rensil D’Silva couldn’t make this socio thriller an engaging one. The film needed a good rhythm and some more content with substance, which would have certainly helped the movie in having a solid foundation. The script as I said is very easy to predict and the minor unpredictable is kind of exaggerated. The plot lacked freshness. The inspiring dialogues looked cheesy.   Okay cinematography. Poor edits and unimpressive music.

Overall Ungli disappoints with its amateur and old take on a used out theme. Except for a few dialogues that had fun and spark, there is nothing much in this Dharma product. The rating is 2/5 for Rensil D’Silva’s Ungli.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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