There are a few moments of funny dialogues that will make you laugh for the kind of typical humor we expect in an Adam Sandler movie. Except for that, Pixels from director Chris Columbus is just a passable movie which won’t last in your mind for a long while.

The plot is basically dealing with one more end of the world scenario. Alien forces are using the video games we created to attack us because of some sort of misunderstanding and the only way to save the world is to call the best video game players of those old days. How the collective effort of the team saves the world is what Pixels talking.

For a five year old kid (younger than that will also do), Pixels would be a fun filled experience that has this comical feel in even the most dangerous situations. But for most of us who are familiar to the Hollywood movies with fantasy ideas, Pixels will look too stupid. We have this American President who is a friend of this Pac Man champion Sam Brenner and the lady he meets on the same day happens to be a white house staff (mother of all coincidences and some absurdity). The movie is kind of a mix of situations like this and for some reasons it isn’t working as a spoof. Sandler in his usual sleepy style along with others manages to keep the movie moving.

Chris has succeeded only in creating a catastrophic damage that looks funny on screen. The pixelated demons eating and breaking stuff never looked like a big threat. Seeing Mario and many other famous video game characters on screen was kind of witty. Screenplay is desperate to be funny. If it was Dale Steyn who made a friendly appearance in Blended, here we have Serena Williams showing up as a result of a deal in the movie which will remind you of Armageddon.  Visual effects were good.

On screen performances are just okay from every actor. Sandler lacks energy, Kevin James is an idiot president, and Michelle Monaghan looks petty.

On the whole Pixels is a pixelated theme that doesn’t have much of a charm. The rating for the movie is 2/5. It’s for the kids.

Final Thoughts

Pixels is a pixilated theme that doesn’t have much of a charm. The rating for the movie is 2/5. It’s for the kids.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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