Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Wrinkles may have appeared on his face but there is no stopping for agent Ethan Hunt in doing the ridiculous. The fifth installment of the Tom Cruise starrer titled Mission Impossible Rogue Nation has everything you expect in a better way filled with realistically bloody good action sequences.

The story continues from the Ghost Protocol episode. Ethan Hunt is after the syndicate and the CIA is now accusing IMF for being irresponsible and has asked the authorities to dissolve it. Much like some of the other movies in the franchise Hunt and his men are in this difficult situation where they don’t have much of a ground support. The only option in front of them was to prove that the syndicate was real. How they do this is what Mission Impossible Rogue Nation all about.

Christopher McQuarrie who earlier made Jack Reacher and also wrote Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow comes up with a fairly complicated situation for Ethan Hunt. Things aren’t easy and we get to see Hunt getting setbacks at places we don’t expect (experience of watching the previous parts). And thus McQuarrie lets his viewer know that the situation is unlike the ones we have seen. The character of Ilsa Faust played by the stunning Swedish beauty Rebecca Ferguson definitely keeps things curious for us as she shuttles between the two teams. Much like any other MI movie the “breaking the safest locker” episode is there and with good amount of difficulties and excitement, McQuarrie meets the audience’s minimum expectation about the franchise. The bike chase which really shows the speed and the introduction of Hunt in the plane has the trademark real feel of Mission Impossible and the team has really pushed the envelope.

Tom Cruise has been doing this for a while and as I said except for the signs of aging in the skin there isn’t much of deterioration in his energy. More than acting it is the stunts and the attitude that matters in this series and I must say that the leading lady Rebecca Ferguson had the charm to be the girl with beauty, weapon and martial arts (James Bond, You listening?). Simon Pegg as Benji is witty. Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames were also cool as the associates. Sean Harris and Simon McBourney were also good playing the antagonists.

Christopher McQuarrie has done it nicely by keeping all the ingredients of the franchise along with some additions and perfection in execution. The face change, locker breaking, ultra cool gadgets realistic fights and chases were visualized wonderfully. Screenplay is impressive making things complicated for the Impossible man Ethan Hunt. Cinematography should be mentioned as it made those insane chases look ridiculously real. Engaging background score and slick edits.

On the whole Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is damn good. With fights, gadgets, twists and chases in abundance, this insane agent without Tuxedo once again works. The rating is 4/5. Buckle Up!

Final Thoughts

With fights, gadgets, twists and chases in abundance, this insane agent without Tuxedo once again works.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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