“KUNJALIYAN” The first Malayalam release of this year (along with ASURAVITHU) is a humongous disappointment. First of all, if you have an opinion that movies like JANAPRIYAN, IVAR VIVAHITHARAYAL, HAPPY HUSBANDS are superb, please dont waste your VALUABLE time reading this review. Becoz Malalyalam industry is in a fresh path now a days and movies like these are more than nonsense.

The plot has a small similarity with old Sathyan Anthikkadu movie “Varavelppu” (Only in terms of Sentimence). The movie is about Jayaraman alias Kunjaliayan portrayed by Jayasurya who is an NRI Malayali who lives a tough life to earn money and wants to prove a point to his relatives that he is not an useless. But unfortunately nothing goes as he planned and he has to come back to his home land. To avoid the humiliation he will have to face when he reaches his home land, his friend Preman (Suraj Venjaramood) sends a letter claiming that Kunjaliyan has an asset of 50 crores which he got after winning a Dubai lottery.

The entire plot is based on the problems kunjaliyan has to face due to this letter. Well the plot itself has a good scope for presenting clean comedy. But unfortunately, in the case of Kunjaliyan all those comedy scenes were of very law standard. It was almost like a childish film were the jokes were spoiled by over acting of many good actors and dialogs which were too dramatic and childish. The problem with Kunjaliyan is that, the makers are confused whether to make it a light hearted family movie or a nonsense no brainer entertainer. The screenplay is a mess of both comedy and sentimental scenes.

In the technical side, Saji Surendran has no intention to change his style of conventional movie making. Krishna Poojappura once again disappointed me with his confused screenplay that doesnt know where to go and some childish dialogs. The camera work of Anil was impressive. MG Sreekumar’s music is not bad. Only good thing I found in this movie is the “Chembazhukka…” song. Beautifully picturized, beautifully composed and amazingly sung by the great Yesudas.

In the performance side, Jayasurya has given what was required from his part. Suraaj also delivered a nice performance. In-fact the only real comedy in the film was the counter dialogs of Jayasurya and Suraaj. Ananya’s get up and character was impressive. But she has very little to do in this clumsy script. Among the other casting, I felt the casting of Vijayaraghavan and Manikkuttan as a mismatch when you consider the caliber of Vijayaraghavan and the image of Manikkuttan. What is the point in blaming the cast if the entire making is poor??

From the theater response, I dont think this movie will cross 25 days. Some people left the hall soon after the chembazhukka song was finished. People were howling for all those exaggerated comedies. With a climax that has no connection with the genre of the film, Director Saji Surendran’s KUNJALIYAN is a waste of money and time.
I am giving a generous 1.5/5 for Kunjaliyan.

I recommend all Jayasurya Fans to skip Kunjaliyan and watch the beautiful BEAUTIFUL. Because Jayasurya has all the abilities of a good actor.

Final Thoughts

Director Saji Surendran's KUNJALIYAN is a waste of money and time.


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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