Some experiments are wild and impressive. But Poppins from V K Prakash is nonsense and humiliating. I am clueless about the spark of this movie. They might have used this title for representing the various shades of the stories in the movie. But the making and scripting was unbelievably irritating and I almost lost my love for sarcasm.
The movie goes through the thoughts and movies of an aspiring film director Hari. He has unique stories to convey, but his lack of experience in the industry doesn’t allow the producers to invest on his movie. The movie is a vague journey through Hari’s stories. The movie itself doesn’t have a platform and the baseless stories that doesn’t connect to the central protagonist anyway to make the movie interesting.

The movie starts off with Hari’s early morning dream that had a few characters. Then it shows us Hari’s struggles. Then Hari’s first movie showed to us followed by his second movie. There was a story involving P Balachandran, Saiju Kurup etc that never had any relevance. From the ending of the first story involving Kaandhan to the last scene of the whole movie, the audience were completely restless. There was a scene were Hari tries to burn his script out of frustration and somebody from the audience screamed to burn the script of this movie. And guess what? Everyone clapped for that. Such was the torture of this script. The repeated Payasam jokes were quite disturbing and the Kaandhan story was too much of intellectualness. The only scene where I really smiled was in Hari’s first movie, were Jayasurya’s character screams after seeing a mirror.

Performance wise nobody really disappoints Indrajith as the lazy husband and Padmapriya as the frustrated housewife were good. Jayasurya once again gets into the skin of the character nicely. Meghna was satisfying. Kujakko Boban and Nithya had a nice on screen chem. Shanker Ramakrishnan and Mythili were also okay. I don’t know what prompted a director like Priyanandhan to act in a movie like this.

In the making, V K Prakash almost teases us with this movie. As a director he was able to catch the beat of the audience with his last two flicks. But this time he sounded too immature. The treatment of scenes never had the signature of an experienced movie maker. The script of the movie is a total chaos. The fun filled sub stories are tangled with the struggling emotional story of Hari. And the movie throws the audience into a situation where the people can’t understand the intention of this art form. Dialogs are quite predictable and over dramatic at times. Cinematography and editing is just about satisfying. Too much of music annoys the viewer very much.

Poppins was a really different experience for me. We were all strangers when the movie started and the movie made us all howl at it and we were all laughing at each other. Most of the times audience was clapping for the funny comments made by others. Expecting something from this movie is a crime in my view. I am giving 1.5/5 and thumbs down for V K P’s Poppins. Injurious to wealth.


Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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