Chettayees from director Shajoon Kariyal was expected to be a fun movie. The movie has some amount of fun but not much to make the audience ROFL. They have tried to make the movie in a way that avoids usual unrealistic melodrama. It really helps the movie in creating a nice ambience, but sadly the lack of a solid story makes the movie an overall disappointment.

Well, they have warned people like me at the beginning of the movie with a notice that says publishing the story or story thread in facebook, twitter etc will be treated as violation of copyright. So I am a little scared in revealing the plot!. All I can say is that this movie revolves around the New Year celebration of 5 friends who lives in a flat. They have their own families, but still they join in that flat to enjoy life. The movie revolves around a particular instance where the intensity of their friendship breaks the family life of one of them. How they fixed this issue is simply the theme of this movie.

Well, the movie doesn’t explore itself in terms of story and it just concentrates on the fun side of the togetherness of five naughty elderly males. That itself is the main drawback off the movie. Chettayees is not a movie that will work just for its dialog humor. The issue that drives the movie is a relevant one. But the elements they used in it is quite amateurish. Apart from some instantaneous counter dialogs there isn’t much fun in chettayees.

On screen, the title protagonists are all impressive. Biju Menon and Lal handled their cool dude attitude throughout the movie.  After Baburaj I think Suresh Krishna is one actor who looks promising to do comedy. His “Pengale…” made the audience ROFL. Sunil Babu was impressive in his first outing and P Sukumar was largely mute and expressionless. New comer Miya is satisfying as Merlyn. The sound of her character did the trick for her.

In the making, Shajoon’s direction is typical with no big experiments or fresh takes. Sachy’s script has the cool feel but it lacks content. He has tried to keep the movie in a cool atmosphere similar to the attitude of chettayees with the help of natural fun dialogs. Cinematography is satisfying. Santosh Raman deserves a pat on the back for handling the art department.  Music was good.

On the whole, Thakkali films’ first production is a disappointment. You can watch it for mere one time fun. I am giving 2/5 for this so called fun movie. One more movie to watch, laugh, howl and forget.  I hope the makers won’t screw me legally for this review. 😉

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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