Pottas Bomb

pottas-bomb-reviewIt’s a social preach without much cinematic qualities worth mentioning. The writer-director has given full justice to the name of the movie Pottas Bomb by making it an actual Pottas Bomb which won’t create any angst. The theme can be considered as socially relevant but the script and the making is uninspiring and charmless.

The plot here has three young orphans wanting to break free from their juvenile shelters provided by the government. The movie discusses the events that happen in their quest for freedom.
It’s the dull script that deteriorates this film from creating an impact on us. The awkwardly structured back and forth narration follows too many typical flavors. And some of the partially fresh elements lack sensibility. The bizarrely included romance is quite indigestible and the characters are stereo types.

On screen among the kids, I loved the performance of the boy who portrayed the role of Musthafa. He was able to emote and deliver dialogs pleasingly. The other two were just about ok. Tiny Tom plays his unchallenging character neatly and I couldn’t feel any sort of image breaking ingredients in the character played by Indrans.The female leads are also just about ok.

Making isn’t outdated but it’s like an irritating mix of latest technologies. The treatment kind of shuttles between commercial and parallel sort of making. The screenplay is definitely old school with predictable twists. The Dialogs are too dramatic or clichéd at times. Cinematography was a positive. Edits are quite lame. Music is uninteresting and the background scores are misfits.

Overall, Pottas Bomb doesn’t have much flesh in it to attract you. I can appreciate the theme but not the film. My rating is a generous 2/5. It’s not going to change anything or anyone.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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