On the positive side, you can definitely say that Ajith’s Arrambam is free of typical hero worshipping. But when you look at what they have presented in front of us, it’s quite repetitive. Vishnuvardhan has these trademark frames to visualize events with extra style and Arrambam becomes watchable because of this.

The story here revolves around the mysterious man Ashok. He is the mastermind behind some deadly blasts in Mumbai. Arrambam basically tells us Ashok’s motive behind these notorious activities.

They have presented the story in a way that’s not so boring. But if you ask me how entertaining it was, well there was very less moments in the film where it made me feel “now that’s interesting “. The vast screenplay also takes away that gripping feel. With a pre climax fight sequence that takes place in the border the film goes too much out of its canvas and becomes a bit too preachy.

Vishnuvardhan lacked style at the beginning and got its rhythm gradually. He has also maintained appreciable balance in keeping Ajith in the focus, even when Arya and Rana were there in the frame. The screenplay as I said is too vast. With lengthy flashbacks and those slightly national (or I should say international) climax, the events happened in the starting of the film looked too far away. The jokes like Arya’s college life were cool, but for a film like this it was kind of a misfit. The cinematographer was able to frame things nicely but the edits lacked sharpness. BGM was really cool and the songs were satisfactory. The VFX part was amateur.

On screen, when compared to flicks like Mankatha, this one doesn’t have Ajith doing anything that’s kind of different. The pleasure of watching his performance in the king maker scene was missing here. But the charm and attitude is definitely there. Arya is a bit too goofy. Nayanthara doesn’t have much complication with her character. Taapsee is cute enough for her role. Rana is comfortable as the ATS officer. Mahesh Manjrekar, Atul Kulkarni etc are there in the big star cast.

Overall, this one is going to please only the diehard fans. It’s not a boring film; but the content is the same old anti corruption revenge saga. My rating is 2.5/5 for this one. Anybody noticed two hair styles of Thala in one scene?

Final Thoughts

It’s not a boring film; but the content is the same old anti corruption revenge saga.


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Red: Not Recommended


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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  1. you could have give 3 stars looking at ajith’s stylish attitude.tick tock tick tock 🙂 nywys good review buddy 🙂

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