Saw PRANAYAM from Calicut Kairali. House-full Balcony and largely family audience. After a relatively dull first day PRANAYAM has grabbed Audience attention through mouth publicity.
Coming to the movie, its a totally new view of romance. A film that has utilized all its components to a great extent. PRANAYAM is for those people who believes in the beauty of true love in all aspects of life. It can not be said as a complete Mohanlal starer. The duration of Mathews (Mohanlal’s character) is relatively small when compared to that of Anupam Kher and Jayapradha. The story line I made in my mind after watching the promos was very different from what I saw on screen. So I am not gonna reveal too much about the story. As you all know, its about that LOVE which is still there in the last days of our life for that special one. Because of the theme itself the film is refreshing. Director Blessy has not turned his head away from the probable question of How will others react to such type of Romance in these days. Anupam Kher portrays Achutha Menon and Jayapradha as Grace. These three characters , Achutha menon, Mathews and Grace are the soul of the movie.
Performance wise, after a long long time you can see the LEGEND Mohanlal utilized to the best. The simplicity in acting and the voice modulation where really amazing!! I think he has chosen the best film as his 300th one. Anupam Kher also delivered a brilliant performance. I have seen only a few films of Jayapradha. Loved her performance in PRANAYAM. A special mention should be given to Anoop Menon for his flawless acting. On screen chemistry between him and Anupam Kher was really sweet. The other small but important roles were done neatly by others. I felt the casting of Nivetha for the flashback part of Jayapradha was spot on!!.
On the offscreen side, I felt most of the dialogs by Mathews were really amazing. Each dialog by Mathews has so much positive energy in them. Camera work by Satheesh Kurup, Editing of Raja Mohamed and art direction of Prasanth Madhav needs a special mention. The music by M Jayachandran is also of high standards.
The only negative I could find in the movie is that its a little dragging in the first half. Movie would have been better if they were able to sustain a good pace.
Anyone who believes in true love, anyone who believes in living a positive life will enjoy PRANAYAM.
Hats Off to director Blessy for his lovely creation. PRANAYAM successfully conveys a never before told story line.
Mohanlal’s 300th film PRANAYAM gets a 4/5 from me.
Best wishes in getting the right feel of this movie.. 🙂
Final Thoughts

Anyone who believes in true love, anyone who believes in living a positive life will enjoy PRANAYAM


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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