Saw the much talked Salman Khan Version of Body Guard. Well this review may lead to some debate in the comments section. I went for BodyGuard after hearing SUPERB reprts from two of my friends. And ofcoz the collection record of Body Guard is earth shackling.

But much to my disappointment BodyGuard also turns out to be another OneMan show from the man of the Mass Salman Khan. One thing I can surely say, its better than Dabangg and Ready. I havent seen KAVALAN. So comparing Malayalam and Hindi version, they have made some appreciable modifications to the betterment of the movie.
I am reviewing this in a comparison manner.
Malayalam Bodyguard was an emotional- comedy thriller, but the hindi version is an action- comedy thriller.
I felt Salman as the best Body Guard out of the three.
In both versions the romance part was a little unconvincing.
One good thing about Hindi version is that it doesn’t have much melodramatic scenes.
A positive twist at the end was expected, as it is a festival release and of course a Salman starrer.
I was expecting that old Salman Khan style comedy, but the makers kept him in that CHULBUL image.
Nice to see Salman doing some emotional scenes.

The modifications they did in the story were good, but technically the film is poor. Except for the “I love you..” song, no other song was in sync with the storyline. Lack of planning were visible in dance sequences and action sequences.
The film has the image of an action movie with a good mix of humor. But the action part was totally a downer. Except for that scene just before interval almost all the action scenes were imperfect. VFX was poor and some action scenes were just the opposite of what Newton said.

Salman and Kareena have done their part neatly. TSUNAMI SINGH is a promising guy. The film lacks smoothness.
BodyGuard is getting humungous collection. But it does not deserve it. The credit for whatever the movie is getting goes to Salman Khan.

It is almost 100% sure that the next Salman release will also gross huge amount of money. My humble request to the makers of that movie is that, if the genre of the movie is action plz invest the money in improving the perfection of action sequences.

Body Guard is a festival fiesta. It is not an unwatchable movie. But I will never say its a SUPERB movie. Its just a one time watch.

My Rating for Siddiq’s Salman Khan starrer Body Guard is 2.5/5
If you think Danbangg is a good movie then you will surely enjoy Body Guard!!

Final Thoughts

Body Guard is a festival fiesta. It is not an unwatchable movie. But I will never say its a SUPERB movie. Its just a one time watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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