Puthiya Theerangal

Well, the look and feel of Sathyan Anthikkad’s new movie might make you feel that he has also decided to move with the new wave. But the truth is that the movie “Puthiya Theerangal” has nothing Puthiya (New) in it. Stereo typed Sathyan ANthikkad characters and a story that is kind of a blend of some Benny P Nairambalam movies with a family/ social touch that Santhyan always try to maintain.

The movie is basically about its central female protagonist Thamara. A girl who lost her dad in childhood itself. She is the only girl in her place or possibly in the country who goes out in the sea for fishing. She has a few friends and she is living a happy and descent life. What happens in her life when an unknown old man comes into it. How does his character influence her, the problem she had to face,  the past of the old man etc are the key elements of the movie.

Well the plot itself has lack of freshness. There are shades of previous Sathyan Anthikkad movies like Manassinakkare, Rasathanthram and the character of KP (old man) in a way has a distant relation with Benny’s previous script Marrykkundoru Kunjadu’s character of Biju Menon.The story never goes to an intense level emotionally or never really cracks a real fun portion. The portions of Cinema Shooting in the second half are quite disturbing and don’t have anything to do with the flow of the movie. The climax portions are also quite predictable.

On screen, let’s say no one really disappointed. Namitha has a bright carrier ahead as she never distracted the audience. Nedumudi showed his class. Nivin was an useless addition or I should say he was used less. There were portions in the movie which were unwontedly created for him and that made the script quite dragging. Dharman gives the audience a handful of moments to laugh loud. Sidhu also played his part nicely. Innocent, Mallika, Vinod Kovoor , Siddiq and the Chettathi (I don’t know her name) were also really good.

Considering the quality and freshness of the script, the direction of Sathyan Anthikkad is kind of good. But the totally unwanted portions in the second half are really a big mistake from his part. Benny fails to deliver a fresh script. He may have managed to put in some good humor, but the story lacks the x factor. Cinematography and editing are satisfying. The music and BGM are usual Ilayaraja style and I believe its high time that both Sathyan and Ilayaraja think about reinventing themselves.

Looking the movie as a Sathyan Anthikkad film will disappoint you and as a neutral its only average. It can’t be called as crap and its nowhere near class. I am giving 2.5/5 for this movie. It just doesn’t have the spark.

Final Thoughts


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Orange: The In-Between Ones

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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