Rajamma at Yahoo

Reghu Rama Varma’s debut movie Rajamma at Yahoo is supposed to be a comedy entertainer and serves the purpose in the first half of the movie. But when the film approached its second half, writer Sindhu Raj just makes it a very predictable and clichéd formula. If the script tried something different or something related to the backdrop it created, Rajamma at Yahoo would have worked. But the movie ultimately ended up being a series of funny moments.

The movie is about the two brothers who have these nicknames Rajamma and Yahoo. They lost their parents in the childhood itself. Their father had bought this huge house which they can’t sell because of documentation issues. The lazy brothers are making money by giving the house for rent. The movie’s conflict zone is also created by one such girl who comes there to live. The mystery behind her and how Rajamma and Yahoo becomes a part of that is what the movie discussing.

The laziness of the brothers and their undisciplined life definitely creates a premise for a lot of witty moments and the makers have made use of that in the first half. The good chemistry of the lead actors along with “Kanaran” Hareesh keeps the movie in that entertaining zone in the first half. But as I said, the second half scripting becomes too outdated and the movie’s build up of being the tale of two brothers becomes irrelevant. The whole illegitimate child idea spoils the movie’s scope to be a fair enough comedy entertainer with an okay plot. As it approaches the climax the number of scenes worth howling increases and it looks as if they wrote the second half on the sets.

Both Kunchacko Boban and Asif Ali share a good on screen vibe which has helped the humor in many ways. But I have to say that their attempt on Calicut slang wasn’t that good. Anushree was good in her portrayal. Hareesh in his typical style once again creates witty moments on screen. Renji Panicker was okay as the antagonist.  Nikki Galrani wasn’t that great and her dubbing was also annoying. Too many characters written to create comedy situations are there in the film.

Reghu Rama Varma in his first attempt follows the pattern of his senior Lal Jose and you can see similarities in the treatment if you compare this film with films like Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum. The major villain here in my opinion is the script that was struggling for a good culmination. As I already said, the imagination seems to be too limited towards the climax and it was a hurried ending without much of a try. The cinematography was okay. Music wasn’t that striking.

Overall Rajamma at Yahoo is a film that lacks an innovative script. If they had a better conflict in the film, it would have made a real difference to the end result. The first half will give you some good moments of laughter, but ultimately the film fails to be a good entertainer because of the poor climax.

Final Thoughts

Rajamma at Yahoo is a film that lacks an innovative script. If they had a better conflict in the film, it would have made a real difference to the end result.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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