Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam

Looking at the tagline that says “two hours and eleven minutes of happiness”, director Ranjith Sankar’s Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam has kind of managed to attain that. But if you approach it as a movie that depicts the struggle of a man whose life was severely restricted because of stammering issues, Sudhi Vathmeekam may not work for you that much. With impressive performance from its leading man and a fruitful romance constructed in the midst of all the events, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam works partially.

As many may know, this is based on the actual story of director Ranjith Sankar’s friend Sudeendran. The film depicts the story of Sudhi who struggles because of stammering. How this weak side draws him back socially and how he manages to overcome this after many setbacks are what this movie showing us.

The first half of the movie looks pretty dull as there isn’t an emotional connection between the character and the audience. The discrete humour helps the movie for sure, but the buildup of the character lacked that crispness one would expect. The area that actually works in the movie is in the second half of the film where Sudhi meets his soul mate through sensible interactions. After the romance phase, the movie again slips into some typical conflicts. It may have happened in the real life as well, but the problem I felt was that it wasn’t testing the will power of the hero. The stammering struggle at many occasions becomes just a background process of a typical filmy plot. That enthusiasm we saw in Punyalan was missing in the scripting.

Looking at the filmography of Ranjith Sankar, Punyalan Agarbathies proved his talent in presenting humor and Varsham showed his calibre in presenting the melodrama. Su Su is actually a mix of both these films. You have the traumatic drama happening and at the same time there is this humorous narration of the limitations of a human being. Ranjith Sankar couldn’t really crack the mixing this time and that’s the reason why the movie lacks that inspiring feel. The scripting also misses that enthusiasm and as I said, the romance part was constructed very nicely. Cinematography was okay. Bijibal has done an impressive job in the music department.

Jayasurya once again puts his heart into character rendering. He has conceived the character without any hiccups and the gradual progress of the character was portrayed gracefully by the actor. Shivada Nair did impress me. The girl has the potential that is beyond good looks. Don’t know the name of that other girl, her portrayal was just okay. Ranjith Sankar has tried to give Aju Varghese a character role, but something was missing in that portrayal. Sunil Sughada, T G Ravi, KPAC Lalitha , Muthumani, Irshad and a few more are there in various roles. Mukesh as himself in the extended cameo offered some good moments of laugh along with Gokulan.

Overall Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam is a watchable film with moments of happiness. Expecting an inspiring content may disappoint you. The movie is more of a feel good item with sensible humour and romance.

Final Thoughts

Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam is a watchable film with moments of happiness. Expecting an inspiring content may disappoint you.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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