After Earth

The kind of impression that M Night Shyamalan’s After Earth creates in the audience through the promos is somewhat a depiction of a possible danger in the future. But what sadly happens on screen is a very simple and typical motivational story that doesn’t have any solid grip in its content to make the movie… Continue reading After Earth

Honey Bee

Well, it was just fun what they were aiming for and if you are sensible enough to expect something funny from that trailer they showed, Honey Bee from Jean Paul Lal (Lal Jr.) won’t disappoint you much. It has its flaws in terms of scripting, but some impressive performances and engaging humor throughout the content… Continue reading Honey Bee

Kutti Puli

The latest Sasikumar starrer Kutti Puli directed by Muthaiah is an outdated drama that doesn’t really know how to include emotions at the right time. A movie that has a tiring run time of around two and a half hours manages to convey its goal only at the end. A mother – son bonding presented… Continue reading Kutti Puli

The Hangover Part 3

The third and final installment of the crazy franchise, “ The Hangover Part 3 ” really lacks the required craziness and chaos which made the wolf pack everyone’s favorite. Luckily they didn’t tried to repeat the same dish like the second part, but the third part sadly derails from its title. The fun factor is… Continue reading The Hangover Part 3

Yeh Jawaani Hei Deewani

While Ayan Mukerji’s first film Wake Up Sid was something that had a larger concentration on pursuing passion, his second film Yeh Jawaani Hei Deewani is something that tries to go a step further. It’s a story that is equally partitioned between passion, friendship and romance. They have managed to keep that level of coolness… Continue reading Yeh Jawaani Hei Deewani


It seems that we are quite reluctant to see reality onscreen. Watching Shyamaprasad’s English among an audience who were just looking for the catered fun was indeed a disappointing experience. A movie rich with real emotions deserved a much better acceptance. The film is a parallel narrative that throws light on the goodness of the… Continue reading English

Fast and Furious 6

What you want from a Fast and Furious franchise is definitely fulfilled with the 6th edition of the driving extravaganza. Cars are flying, drifting, exploding and you can also expect some action sequences that may insult Newton’s laws of motion. With almost everyone in the franchise in the field along with Dwayne Johnson, this “Family”… Continue reading Fast and Furious 6