Imagine a Deepavali release movie that has no heroine, no dance, no song and yet so captivating; that’s Kaithi for you. I am not saying Kaithi is amazingly perfect because there are some over the top action sequences featuring Karthi that sort of does injustice to the situational thriller nature of this movie. But Lokesh […]


When Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the trailer of Bigil, he added his comment saying it looks like Chak De on steroids. Well, to a great extent Bigil is exactly that. When Pink got remade into Tamil as Nerkonda Parvai, we saw Ajith trashing goons brutally and for anyone who has seen Pink, that kind of […]


Remember the movie 4 the people? The vigilante thriller from Jayaraj that became a huge hit mostly because of the song “Lajjavathiye”. Well, the intention of the makers of the movie Safe starring Anusree, Aparna Gopinath and Siju Wilson is to create that kind of a thriller. But the problem is that the idea is […]

Gemini Man

Gemini Man from Ang Lee is a movie that would have been immensely satisfying if the story could explore the headspace of its central characters in a deeply affecting way. But the movie just can’t achieve that.  The predictability is the main villain here and Lee is struggling to find the right balance between the […]

The Sky Is Pink

The Sky is Pink is based on the true story of a young girl named Aisha Chaudhary who died at the age of 18 due to pulmonary fibrosis. She was a bright young girl who had a really different vision about life and happiness. So when you think about someone making a movie about that […]


Vikruthi may not be an immensely moving cinema. But it definitely has a good heart and no intention to spoon-feed its audience. Vikruthi is a movie that deals with the issue of responsible use of social media. It is a simple and sweet preach and the terrific Suraj Venjaramood elevates this simple movie to a […]