Saw Joshy’s much awaited youthful movie SEVENS from Calicut Coronation. Its been nearly one week after release and the movie is running HOUSEFUL. Theater was Packed with teenagers. Coming to the movie, it disappointed me. The idea was good. Seven young bloods, a backdrop of football and a thriller mood. But the problem with SEVENS… Continue reading Sevens


Saw “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” today with a 60% balcony audience. The movie is not that bad, but not that good too. The mood of the movie completely lies on the second half. As you can guess from the title and trailer itself, the movie is about Khush(played by Imran) who is on a mission… Continue reading MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN

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Saw “Dr. Love” from Calicut Kairali. There wasnt any big rush for ticket. Balcony was 70% full. First of all “Dr. Love” is a watchable average-good movie. It is not an excellent movie. But surely you will not regret the time you spent inside the theater. The director and hero can take the full credit… Continue reading DR. LOVE


Saw the much talked Salman Khan Version of Body Guard. Well this review may lead to some debate in the comments section. I went for BodyGuard after hearing SUPERB reprts from two of my friends. And ofcoz the collection record of Body Guard is earth shackling. But much to my disappointment BodyGuard also turns out… Continue reading BODY GUARD

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Saw PRANAYAM from Calicut Kairali. House-full Balcony and largely family audience. After a relatively dull first day PRANAYAM has grabbed Audience attention through mouth publicity. Coming to the movie, its a totally new view of romance. A film that has utilized all its components to a great extent. PRANAYAM is for those people who believes… Continue reading PRANAYAM


After socially committed “Arjunan sakshi”, Amazingly made “Urumi”, Critically acclaimed “City of God”, Family entertainer “Manikyakkallu” and Award winning “Veettilekkulla Vazhi”, Prithviraj comes up with a huge disappointment, “TejaBhai & Family”. First of all the movie as a whole is nothing!! It doesnt have anything new. Never say its a comedy film from Prithviraj. Its… Continue reading TEJABHAI AND FAMILY


Saw “Captain America” today from Crown. Well not up to the expectation in my view. Couldnt find anything new. Captain America looses the grip because it is trying to add fiction to an incident like world war. And I felt they failed very much in showing the patriotism, which was the soul purpose of Captain… Continue reading CAPTAIN AMERICA


Finally the highly anticipated Vikram starer “Deivathirumagal” released at Calicut, and I saw the first day first show! There wasnt much rush for the tickets and the balcony was like 70% full!! I was very curious about the title of the movie. Becoz the first name of the movie was DEIVATHIRUMAKAN and when some controversy… Continue reading DEIVATHIRUMAGAL

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