Sometimes, trying to make a suspense thriller with a totally unpredictable nature can give us something that can be termed as nonsense. Samar starring Vishal is a fitting example of that. A story that has an interesting first half and even second half is just burned into ashes when we realize the silly and pathetic reason behind all the drama.

The film is about the central protagonist Shakthi who is a darling to the jungles of Ootty. His love life with Roopa breaks up as she feels that he can’t love her the way she wants to. After nearly three years a letter from Roopa who is in Thailand invites Shakthi to there. On reaching Bangkok along with the help of another girl Maya, Shakthi couldn’t meet Roopa anywhere. On a particular day Shakthi is attacked by a gang and another gang saves him. He comes to know the reality that in Bangkok there is a business tycoon who looks like him and his name is also Shakthi. The story goes interesting when Shakthi and Maya realize that even the Signature of both Shakthi’s are the same. The drama and foul plays behind this multiple persona is actually the soul of this so called entertainer.

Well the problem is with the senseless twist of the movie that says that all those drama we saw was just a childish game between two individuals for mere fun. The second half of the movie is almost like watching the typical Abbas Mustan films with whole lot of unwanted darkness and mysteries. The concept looked cool at the beginning stages and the point to which they took the film into was bizarre.

On screen, Vishal did his part smoothly. Special appreciations for him in making those second half fights look cool and natural. Trish also did her multi layered character with required perfection. Sunaina rarely has anything to perform apart from the song. John Vijay, Sampath and the rest did a satisfying Job. Talented actors like J. D. Chakravarthy and Manoj Bajpai were used for stupid psycho roles.

In the making, direction is typical Tamil style. An unwanted intro sequence with poorly executed action is there. The screenplay in the beginning portions is too fast and doesn’t really give the audience time to feel for the character. The cctv observations and the repeated partner partner dialogs are really annoying. Cinematography is impressive. Cuts are fine especially in the second half. Stunts also were fine in the second half but mediocre in the first half. The music isn’t up to the normal Yuvan standard.

On the whole Samar is a thumps down experience. If you can find it as an interesting one at the end, I will consider you as a lucky guy. Only positive of the film is that its not a dragging one. I am giving it a 2/5. Sensibility is tested.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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