Annum Innum Ennum

Annum Innum Ennum is a movie that tries to throw light on the socially relevant yet less discussed issue of married life after bursts, divorces and all in chilled manner. The caricature nature of the characters and the predictability of the narration make the movie a dull one. Even though they have tried to remove the melodrama in many scenes with counter reactions that are unconventional, the half baked feel in each scene is indeed a disturbing one.

The movie goes through the married life of a few couples. A struggling novelist Sreedhar and his wife Anjana are the main protagonists of this family drama. Anjana’s Aunty Indu and her ex husband Sidharth Menon, Anjana’s Boss, Anjana’s friend and her husband, Neighbors of the chief protagonists including a police officer and a young girl to whom Sreedhar is attracted to are the other characters who drives the movie forward. The things happening in Sreedhar’s life who is actually a doctor by education is the core of the movie. How Sreedhar’s unfocused life influences the life of his wife and how these messes are cleared is what awaits you in the theater.

On the positive side of the creation I can say that the movie uses most of its characters nicely to take the movie forward. But the failure is in the script that just goes like a sarcastic one which fails to make an impact on the viewer. Some of the jokes were out of sync of the movie like the ones involving Dolly’s brother. The suspense in the Sidharth – Indu relationship almost reminded me about Ranjith’s Thirakkadha. The climax twist involving Salim Kumar was an interesting one, but it didn’t make any sense when looking back at the aim of the movie.

On screen, Jishnu delivers a satisfying performance as Sreedhar. Siddique also did his part neatly. Radhika was cool in the cool scenes, but when it came to dramatic pivotal scenes, she lost the grip like many modern day actresses. Rekha gets a dramatic character. I wonder what exactly was the motive behind offering such a charmless character to Mr Thilakan, as it never had any importance in the movie. Salim Kumar appears in his usual avatar. Nishan was also satisfying as the crooked womanizer boss. Many hot properties are there like Fareisa Joemmanbaks and Tashu Kaushik to give it some commercial glamour.

In the technical side, the direction is quite average as the scenes had a skit like feel to it. Handling of the so called comic scenes was also a letdown. The script as I said is a cluttered one with a charmless narration. The last portions of the movie were also a really stretched one. The script seems to be confused of whether to make fun of the situation or take it seriously (Salim Kumar accident scene for instance). No smartness or coolness in the dialogs. Cinematography is satisfying and the film’s engaging factor is the BGM of Gopi Sundar.

On the whole Annum Innum Ennum is a disappointing comedy. It’s an attempt to make sarcastic fun over the egos of individuals and unfortunately with a lot of flaws. I am giving it a very generous 2/5. Sigh is the last word.

Final Thoughts

Annum Innum Ennum is an attempt to make sarcastic fun over the egos of individuals and unfortunately with a lot of flaws.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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