sim-reviewAfter making two relatively impressive action movies, director Diphan takes a u turn and tries to go for the humor track. But sadly just like his senior Shaji Kailas tasted bitterness with Madirasi, Diphan also fails miserably to handle a good theme which was written immaturely. Same old predictable jokes and some unbaked exaggerations about the younger generation make this movie a boring watch.

The story revolves around the misuse of the mobile phone technology. Karthik is an air conditioner mechanic and he used to flirt with females for his needs. Once he gets a chance to get in touch with a girl Pooja who was actually trying to trap Karthik for her financial needs. That relationship doesn’t work out and the circumstances forces Karthik to change his sim. The story takes that interesting deviation when an unmarried Brahmin Seetharamayyar takes the same sim card connection after six months in order to get a marriage proposal. The dramas that happens in Ayyar’s life after this incident is what basically SIM all about.

Well, the content definitely has relevance in this time where the usage of mobile is making people forget all the ethics. But the problem with the movie SIM is that the level of exaggeration makes the movie too uncomfortable that we cannot even take them as jokes. There may well be both girls and boys who are trying to make use of the feelings of others, but to make an impact on audience about these sorts of things you need the writing to be solid and practical.

On screen, Manikandan Pattambi plays the role of the main protagonist Seetharamayyar and he is really comfortable as the Brahmin. Ann Augustine doesn’t really have anything to do apart from the occasional on screen appearance. Thattathin Marayathu fame Deepak isn’t that cool as the womanizer Karthik. The guy who stands out in this movie with his performance is definitely Vinod Kovoor. His rendering of humor is the only thing that will make you laugh in this light hearted comedy. Anoop Chandran, Sukumari, Praveen, Vygha etc are there in the star cast.

In the making, Diphan fails to handle humor effectively. Someone who is in the industry for this much of time should not have selected such a script. The script is full of predictable dull humor and dramatic incidents. Lack of creativity is visible and that really makes the movie a below average creation. Music from Gopi Sundar is good but the making of the songs weren’t that great. Edits aren’t that smooth and the cinematography is convincing.

Overall SIM from director Diphan is an unbaked movie backed up by mediocre writing. Considering the relevance of the topic and the performance of Manikandan and Vinod Kovoor, I am giving this movie a 2/5. Sorry makers, don’t make us made.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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