It will be better if you watch the movie Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy as a spoof on the super agent genre of Hollywood movies. It is a movie that doesn’t really try to be innovative with its theme and focuses basically on the fun of having an unconventional protagonist doing the same old stuff. With the innocent and chubby looking McCarthy uttering the foul language along with all her costars, this witty movie is something that has enough to keep you occupied.

Susan Cooper works in the CIA and she is an analyst who helps these main agents in their missions. Agent Bradley Fine is the one Cooper assisting now. A sad turn of events that took Fine away from the field opens up an opportunity for Cooper to step in as an agent. And as the mission required someone who can’t be easily conceived as an agent, Cooper was allowed to do the mission. How it all goes is what the movie all about.

As I said, the movie works perfectly as a spoof story. We have Jason Statham popping in at regular intervals of time making fun of the characters he has done in his filmography and it is absolutely hilarious. But it is undoubtedly McCarthy who scores the full points here. The script that uses the scope of an entertainment in it to a good extent gets the support from Paul Feig’s direction which apparently treats the movie in the correct sense. The way the character of Cooper changes identities offers a wide range of subplots and they all have that humor element which keeps us giggling and occasionally laughing out loud. With enough amount of sensible action that you can add to a story that has a fat lady playing the role of a CIA spy, Paul Feig keeps the movie in a digestible zone.

The effortless performance of the chubby Melissa McCarthy is the highlight of this comedy action thriller. It’s a character weaved for her and she fits in to it nicely. The desperate times, the tensions, the anger and the attitude were depicted nicely by Melissa. The other star performer was the antagonist played by the Rose Byrne. The performance had the anger and attitude with a comical texture that made her performance as Rayana a really impressive one. Jude Law was fine as agent Fine. If you are someone who complaints that Statham doesn’t show much expressions while acting, this one is his reply with too much of expressions and F words; it was funny by the way. Nargis Fakhri got that rare opportunity to kick Jason Statham’s balls. Miranda Hart and Peter Serafinowicz were also quite good in their characters.

Paul Feig succeeds in keeping the movie in that partially sarcastic and spoofy mood. The flaw of not having a surprising climax gets a fair enough cover up through that treatment from Feig. The script uses its potential to offer the witty best. The dialogues were highly abusive and very hilarious. Cinematography was nice. The edits are just about okay. Locations in some chase sequences varied drastically from shot to shot. Visual effects aren’t that great. Background score was also okay.

On the whole Spy is an entertaining package from Paul Feig. With Melissa McCarthy nailing the character very impressively, the chances of you not liking it is quite low. My rating is 3.5/5 for this funny spy thriller.

Final Thoughts

With Melissa McCarthy nailing the character very impressively, the chances of you not liking it is quite low.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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