Hamari Adhuri Kahani

It seems like for writer director Mohit Suri, the only way to represent selfless love on screen is by killing one of the protagonist. Hamari Adhuri Kahani from Mohit Suri is one more tragedy filled with beautiful songs, unrealistically poetic dialogs that can be used in quotes pages in Facebook and also an ample dosage of melodrama. With a narrative that gradually gives way for an “interactive” theatre experience for the audience, IYKWIM, Hamari Adhuri Kahani is a boring piece of sentimental and over emotional romance.

Arav Ruparel is a business tycoon who owns a hotel group that has almost 100+ five star hotels in its credit. The homeless man who resides in airplanes meets this lady from one of the hotels he went for a deal. The lady, Vasudha decorated the rooms with flowers and the chit chat (intellectual and poetic) with her created an interest in Arav’s mind which gradually became the eternal love. The movie deals with the issues they had to face when Vasudha’s conservative husband returns after abandoning her and her son Saanch for almost five years.

The movie starts on an impressive knot where you kind of feel that finally Mohit Suri is going to give you something less melodramatic and more passionate. But very soon we go to that flashback of events where you will start to see the typical characters that we see in Mr. Suri’s movie. A lonely male lead who falls in love with another lonely character. The arrogant hero gets impressed by the intellect/ positivity in the conversation of the heroin (I hope you can recollect the structure of all his movies). In no time the relationship becomes unbelievably rooted and then the conflicts create a path for selfless love’s tragic end. It is this same formula that has worked in favour for Suri for the last few films, but this time he shifts the whole ambience to another level by giving it a texture of an extra marital affair. But with abundant amount of slow drama in each frame, it is quite stressful for us to sit through it.

Well the actors Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajkumar Rao have done justice to what Mohit Suri may have written on paper. It is the way these characters were created that makes them look a bit stupid. Vidya is always seen with these teary eyes. Emraan Hashmi is frequently changing jackets and catching flights with arrogance level that almost makes him an Ambani. And the talented Rajkumar Rao is mumbling the mantras of a stupid orthodox.

Mohit Suri follows his usual style of making with treatment that is largely musical. The script also follows his typical sacrifice pattern that becomes predictable after a certain point. Sentiments are too cheesy and as I already mentioned, the dialogues are unrealistically poetic. I mean people who talks like that every time they open the mouth should be kept as single. The much needed hero’s friend is also there. Cinematography was nice. The music of the movie is already a hit and that’s one segment nobody can complain when it comes to a Mohit Suri movie.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani is the flawed version of the director’s usual formula of presenting selfless love. The rating for the movie is 2/5 and thumps down.

Final Thoughts

Hamari Adhuri Kahani is the flawed version of the director’s usual formula of presenting selfless love.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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