Kaapa Review | A Gangster Drama Inclined Towards Style Over Substance

Kaapa ultimately wants to speak about the never-ending bloodshed in the gangster world. Poetic justice, fear, guilt, etc., are the ingredients that create the characters in that world who are very clear about their wrongdoing and what awaits them in the future. The plot is actually an excellent opportunity to explore that world from a… Continue reading Kaapa Review | A Gangster Drama Inclined Towards Style Over Substance


During the promotions of the film Naradan, Aashiq Abu had said that they are not explicitly targetting a person or any news organizations through this film. Even though the film critiques sensationalized journalism, one can clearly sense that they are targetting Arnab Goswami and the kind of loud journalism that others followed, seeing his success.… Continue reading Naradan


If you are okay with average craft and pertinent messaging in movies, I guess the new Jude Anthany Joseph movie Sara’s will work for you immensely. Sara’s is a movie that deals with the idea of personal choice and parenting in the backdrop of the current society. Anyone in that age group of 25 to… Continue reading Sara’s


Taking a very slim idea and converting it into an engaging film is a very exciting thing to witness as a viewer. That process sort of shows you the endless opportunities in making a movie. Kappela could have been easily a preachy film. But debutant director Muhammed Musthafa tries to give it that cinematic appeal… Continue reading Kappela


If you are someone who has seen the trailer of the latest Vineeth Sreenivasan production, Helen directed by Mathukutty Xavier, you might have made some guesses about the story of the movie. And the movie is mostly following that story. But the good thing about Helen is the way it maintains the tension. As the… Continue reading Helen