Boomerang Review | Frivolous Filmmaking Backed by Garbage Writing

Looking at the way Boomerang has been written, it is very evident that Manu Sudhakaran has not tried to understand the change that happened in Malayalam cinema in the last decade. Manu, whose first movie was released back in 2013, is still stuck in the cinematic sensibilities of those days, and his new movie Boomerang… Continue reading Boomerang Review | Frivolous Filmmaking Backed by Garbage Writing

Vaathi Review | Dhanush Starrer Is a Bland Blend Of Message and Masala

It is no secret that the essential ingredient of a typical star film in Tamil Nadu is the hero’s preaching and lecturing about social issues. Vaathi, the new Dhanush starrer directed by Venky Atluri, follows the same template and tries to expose the already exposed yet unshackled business of education. With the screenplay stuck on… Continue reading Vaathi Review | Dhanush Starrer Is a Bland Blend Of Message and Masala


In the initial phases of the new Prithviraj starrer Kaduva, which marks the comeback of ace director Shaji Kailas, you might get a feeling that this is that “what if Shaji Kailas directed Ayyappanum Koshiyum” kind of film. That’s because the fragile male ego is a crucial factor in defining the film’s central conflict. But… Continue reading Kaduva


Creating content during the pandemic has been the new challenge for filmmakers in the last couple of years, and we have seen too many single-location thrillers and dramas in this phase. Erida, the new movie from director VK Prakash scripted by his frequent collaborator YV Rajesh is one more to that list of movies, and… Continue reading Erida


At one point in Shaji Azeez’s Wolf, Asha, played by Samyuktha Menon, is vehemently arguing with her male chauvinist fiancé Sanjay on why she should have his approval on everything she does with her life. The way Asha counters each patriarchal statement by Sanjay was a refreshing site to watch, and I even thought I… Continue reading Wolf


As an actor, Jayasurya has this incredible ability to transform into characters with complete conviction. His performance as Murali in the latest Malayalam movie Vellam is nothing short of brilliant. But the underwhelming side of this Prajesh Sen movie is that it somewhere forgot to acknowledge the actor’s capability and goes after a climax that… Continue reading Vellam

Under World

Under World is a movie that has its discrete moments of gangster swagger. Writer Shibin Francis is trying to place a typical Hollywood style gangster thriller in the backdrop of Kerala. While the predictability and the occasional over the top sequences drag this Arun Kumar Aravind movie backward, the aspiration to be a true blue… Continue reading Under World