Heaven, the new crime thriller starring Suraj Venjaramood as the hero, is a movie that manages to be engaging due to how it is structured. Unni Govindraj and co-writer PS Subramanian have moved away from the general straightforward investigation pattern. Despite being that background score-driven thriller treatment that doesn’t excite you much, the distributed nature… Continue reading Heaven


There was a time when the Shankar brand movies of vigilante justice used to work for the audience. Looking at the director’s off-late creations, we will feel that it is a genre that needs significant reinvention. Directed and co-produced by Pinku Peter, Yuvam is one utopian concept that doesn’t have any fleshing out happening in… Continue reading Yuvam


If Omar Lulu had written a review for Badhaai Ho, he might say that the movie had ample scope to include sleazy, kinky humor and the director failed to utilize that and ended up making an emotional film. Dhamaka directed by Omar Lulu is one more celebration of sexual frustration. The most dangerous thing about… Continue reading Dhamaka

Take Off

From the moment its trailer got aired in January the expectations were sky high about Mahesh Narayanan’s Take Off. After watching the movie I can confidently say that Take Off is a brilliantly made film that will keep you engrossed to the screen. With layers of human emotions and sentiments embedded inside the story in… Continue reading Take Off