Agilan Review | An Incoherent Mess With a Bizarre Story

The introduction scene of the hero in the movie Agilan has him smuggling three containers with fake currency into a cargo ship. And you know what was painted on those containers? “FA-KE” along with serial numbers. I do appreciate fewer complexities in over-the-top action films, for sure. But this almost felt like an insult. N… Continue reading Agilan Review | An Incoherent Mess With a Bizarre Story


Politics have always been part of the Tamil film industry, and the heroes there have used their movies to show their political stand. The superstar movies and the controversies surrounding them always hinted at these stars’ possible entry into politics. So why am I talking about politics and Tamil movie heroes? Well, it’s because of… Continue reading Bhoomi


The one-liner concept of the idea of a guy waking up from coma after 16 years and not being able to cope with the technological advancement is indeed a fascinating thought. Comali, the new Jayam Ravi movie gave us a feeling that the movie is trying to explore that particular concept when its trailer released.… Continue reading Comali