Gold Review | An Uneven Yet Engaging Comedy With Alphonse Puthren Signature Elements

The filmmaking process of Alphonse Puthren has always been described as peculiar by all his collaborators as he improvises a lot on the sets and delivers something beyond the script. Krishna Shankar and Sharaf U Dheen have said in interviews that Alphonse is terrible at narration, and his movie shapes up in the editing table.… Continue reading Gold Review | An Uneven Yet Engaging Comedy With Alphonse Puthren Signature Elements


I know a section of the audience who felt Jallikkattu from Lijo Jose Pellissery was just Girish Gangadharan running behind some hyper-active locals. And for the same audience, his new film Churuli will feel like a movie where he decided to cut loose all his actors and allowed them to abuse each other to the… Continue reading Churuli

Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham

Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham, directed by Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval, is that much-needed banter comedy we were missing in Malayalam. In the post corona OTT releases, almost every film released was thrillers set in confined places, and Ratheesh’s movie offers a genuinely hilarious experience through a concept that develops very fluently. With some stellar performances from Grace… Continue reading Kanakam Kaamini Kalaham

Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte

Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte, the latest Shambu Purushothaman movie after his debut film Vedivazhapadu pretty much has the same intent in terms of politics. The movie wishes to mock the double standards and hypocrisy of the society that has this extremely pseudo morality code. I am a sucker for social satires and was extremely impressed when… Continue reading Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte