Dr. Arora

At one point, the new Sony Liv original series from Imtiaz Ali, Dr. Arora starring Kumud Mishra as the title protagonist, seems creepy and problematic. You might even wonder whether “India’s answer to Sex Education” will end up glorifying “well-mannered” stalking. But luckily, the creators are aware of the problematic side of it and what… Continue reading Dr. Arora

Meme Boys

Meme Boys, the new Sony Liv original series, is a lazily written stretched-out series that asks the viewer, “is it funny?” in every minute of its narrative. Some of the murmuring counters with Tamil movie references were actually funny. But in totality, this series feels like an idea developed without much clarity about where to… Continue reading Meme Boys


Gargi, the new movie from Gautham Ramachandran, has the outlook of a legal drama. But the interesting thing about this film is that it does not have any of the traits of a typical courtroom drama. Gautham and co-writer Hariharan Raju have taken a subject that looks extremely grey. They explore the idea of dilemma… Continue reading Gargi


Nithin Lukose’s Paka (River of Blood) is a very peculiar Romeo and Juliet film that’s less about the love between the two and more about the families and the rivalry. The loopy nature of the script takes its own sweet time to make us look from a different perspective about a family feud that has… Continue reading Paka


Caste politics is something that is less discussed in mainstream Malayalam cinema. Even when it gets discussed, there is a tendency to articulate it verbally through dialogues and make it excessively loud. Debutant Ratheena’s Puzhu, starring Mammootty as the central character, is a well-made political film that slightly loses its subtle quality at the very… Continue reading Puzhu


What I found fascinating about Vipin Das’ second film Antakashari is how it has set up its canvas. Even in the most memorable serial killer stories we have seen in Malayalam, there is an alienating factor in the premise. Most filmmakers overcome this by creating twists that make us forget about the unrelatable elements. Antakshari… Continue reading Antakshari


On a scripting level, in terms of detailing, Salute has enough juice to make an intriguing investigative thriller that isn’t so loud. The movie tries to create two parallel cat and mouse narratives. One of them is about the hero, and the other is about a mysterious guy. But with stiff dialogues and a treatment… Continue reading Salute