Plan A Plan B

A matchmaker and a divorce lawyer who has extremely opposite opinions about relationships sharing a workspace is an idea that has the potential to create a unique conflict. Plan A Plan B, directed by Shashanka Ghosh, unfortunately, doesn’t know how to get the best out of a peculiar premise and ends up being emotionally flat… Continue reading Plan A Plan B

Babli Bouncer

If I had no clue that Madhur Bhandarkar directed Babli Bouncer, it would have been just one of those forgettable comedies for me. Seeing the sheer blandness in the new Tamannaah Bhatia starrer, one would wonder how a national award-winning director like Bhandarkar thought this was enough to entertain people. With shoddy writing and shallow… Continue reading Babli Bouncer

November Story

Indhra Subramanian’s November Story becomes this engaging thrill ride, mainly due to the way it holds the whole plot. By the time you reach the third episode of this series, you will be wondering how these drastically different tracks in the series have any common link. And much like anyone, I was also a bit… Continue reading November Story