Panthrand, the new movie from Leo Thaddeus, is this biblical adaptation set in the backdrop of Kerala. It takes a while for the divine drama to let the viewer know its plan. But the structuring of the drama is so dull that even when they reveal the surreal side of the story, the narrative’s emotional… Continue reading Panthrand


The new VK Prakash film Oruthee, which marks the comeback of Navya Nair in a lead role after almost 8 years, is a passable thriller mainly due to the performance of its leading lady. Set in the backdrop of Ernakulam city, S Suresh Babu’s script has familiar beats, which makes the film less surprising. But… Continue reading Oruthee


In movies based on real-life incidents, the cinematic elements are usually added in a way one would know that certain phases in the screenplay are deliberately dramatized. Pada, directed by Kamal KM, is a film that has less interest in making it excessively cinematic. Instead of taking too much cinematic liberty to make it pleasing,… Continue reading Pada