After “Rock star”, Talaash is one movie that made me a little restless because of the thumps down reaction of the audience. The only problem with Talaash is its promotions. The movies trailers and teasers give us an impression of an investigative thriller. But the truth is that, the movie is a rare kind of emotional slow paced thriller.

The plot revolves around the police officer Shekhawat. A film actor Armaan Kapoor gets killed in weird kind of car accident and Shekhawat is in charge of the case. Shekhawat who is not having a great family life because of the sad demise of his one and only child in an accident gets disturbed a lot during the course of the investigation. He feels guilty for his son’s death and feels responsible for the mental trauma his wife undergoes. The investigation takes him to a slut in Randi bazaar for certain informations. How this character influences the investigation and Shekhawat in person is all about Talaash.

I am concluding the plot on that knot because the impression created by the promos was blown away when I saw the movie’s climax. The movie at first looks like an out of order one because of its equal focus on Shekhawat’s personal and professional life. On the scene were Shekhawat realizes the mystery of the accidents happening on that particular area, most of the audience including me was disappointed. But after that there were a few minutes were Shekhawat rewinds himself and understand his situation. The way the dialogs of the slut Rosi aka Simran falling correctly in place for Shekhawat was a really cool sequence and that scores the most for this movie.

On screen, Aamir the perfectionist did his job perfectly as the stubborn police officer, caring husband and as the disturbed father. Kareena handles her pivotal role very effectively. Rani was in sync with the character. Nawazudheen was also impressive in his greedy avatar. Rest of the cast was also loyal to their characters.

In the making I think Reema and Zoya are becoming quality film makers and the creative females of our country can be proud of them. Unlike her fun filled first film, Reema handles this precarious story very smartly. Making the audience feel disturbed about the situation isn’t an easy task and she has managed to do it. The screen play is kind of slow paced at occasions, but considering the nature of the movie its not an offence. Farhan’s dialogs as usual are pretty cool and engaging. The music and BGM by Ram Sampath is totally in sync with the theme. Mohanan’s cinematography was special and liked the overall color tone of the movie. The VFX was good enough to satisfy and the Art section was also impressive.

Rewinding the whole movie in your head would be the best way to enjoy this unique thriller. Even though the movie fails to connect at some occasions, the originality in the theme is something you just can’t ignore. 3.5/5 and a thumbs up is my feedback for this Reema Kagti movie. It’s not a typical investigation thriller and that may disappoint a few for sure.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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