Face 2 Face

When V M Vinu announced his new project Face 2 Face, I was quite skeptical about the movie as the plot seemed to be an out of the safe zone one for his standards. Well my thoughts weren’t that wrong after all. Face 2 Face is just another investigation movie that doesn’t have the spark to make the audience clap. The familiar making style and non thrilling thrills spoils the fun.

The movie tries to repeat the modern trend of thrillers by telling a story involving female harassment.  The plot revolves around the investigation of the murder of an ex minister’s son. Balachandran, a suspended police officer gets involved in the case because of his earlier rough patches with the victim. Ramdas, the investigating officer and also a close friend of Balachandran questions him formally. To help his friend in the investigation,  Balachandran decides to conduct an investigation by himself and the movie goes through this investigation.

For a change the makers have tried to narrate the story in a flash back way. The problem with the movie is that, the content of the movie is socially relevant but the execution needs some kind of drastic changes in order to make the audience feel the alarming situations. Face 2 Face goes through the usual pattern of thrillers. The structuring of the movie is so outdated that we can predict it easily. The very few unpredictable scenes looked quite amateurish to me. The kind of exaggeration given to some points is quite boring, mobile spoofing for eg. The Dad-Son sentmence in the climax is almost like adding insult to injury.

On screen, Mammootty is comfortable in his role. There isn’t any challenge in doing these kinds of roles for an actor of his caliber. Siddique and Mani did their part neatly. The four young boys were impressive at some occasions but bizarre at some pivotal scenes. Nishanth Sagar, Roma, Vineeth Kumar, Mamukoya and the rest of the cast were also good in their brief on screen appearance.

In the making, V M Vinu is still in the old school. The script is gentle in the first half and dragging in the second half. It lacks freshness for sure and the dialogs aren’t that cool. The script hangs a lot on miner things. Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography is good and Alphonse’s music is just about okay.

On the whole Face 2 Face is a disappointing movie. They can say the excuse of being a socially relevant movie, but such movies should be able to move audience. I am giving 2/5 for this V M Vinu movie. Let’s hope Bavutty will bring back glory to Mammootty.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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