Nerkonda Paarvai

In Pink when Deepak Sehgal shows Rajveer Singh a photo of Rajveer’s sister Rajveer threatens Sehgal in a lower voice saying you don’t know who you are messing with. The response of Sehgal played by Amitab Bachchan was silence. But when it comes to Nerkonda Paarvai, Bharath Subramaniam played by Ajith has a verbal mass […]

Kadaram Kondan

SPOILER ALERT! The entire climax of the movie Kadaram Kondan has Vikram’s character KK walking into a police station wearing a mere half jacket of police as a disguise (The second best disguise after Clark Kent’s glasses). He is a wanted criminal in the police records and while he almost makes a chaotic scene inside […]


Almost every aspiring filmmaker might have had this wish of doing an action movie where the hero is in a different land, fighting mighty villains, doing all the exotic stunts like jumping from buildings, crashing cars, etc. And if you try to build a story around that wish, the conviction factor will bother you because […]


Whenever Nanda Gopalan Kumaran is having an eccentric emotional outburst in the movie NGK, all I could see was a Selvaraghavan trying to escape from the constraints of a U certified commercial hero-centric film. On paper, this movie has all the essential ingredients required for a Selvaraghavan film filled with a lot of grays. But […]

Mr. Local

M Rajesh is a director whom I think should only write dialogues and should never try to write a script. His scripts are terribly wayward. And because of some of the pop culture reference filled dialogues in his movies, we sort of tend to forgive him for the extreme laziness he shows in writing his […]


In the movie Kee, Govind Padmasurya plays the role of a venomous hacker who hacks details from everyone’s phones and laptops and makes life hell for them. And he is presented as this enormous figure, even the villains we saw in Die Hard franchise or James Bond for that matter would get scared. And the […]


Ayogya, the official Tamil remake of Telugu hit Temper is a movie that plays it for the gallery much like the Telugu version. The common sentiment surrounding the rape cases that rapists should be given death sentence immediately is the agenda of the film and with a sentimental hero worshipping happening at the end, you […]

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe from Thiagarajan Kumararaja isn’t a grey noir film like Aaranya Kaandam.  It is actually a partly satirical comedy that addresses the grey shades of human emotions. At one point in the movie, a character says that ten thousand years back we wore nothing and we don’t know whether we will be wearing anything […]