Urban middle-class comedy is a space where Dhanush has an advantage over his contemporaries. Velai Illa Pattathari’s success cemented his place in that zone. Mithran Jawahar’s Thiruchitrambalam, which has Dhanush along with Nithya Menen, also taps into the fun vibes of that VIP space. Even though it is that standard package love story where the… Continue reading Thiruchitrambalam


The B and C center-oriented template village drama seems like a go-to option for actors in the Tamil industry to maintain a fan base on a larger scale. Almost every actor has opted for such stories, some of which have got immense commercial success. Viruman, starring Karthi, is the actor’s new try at the village… Continue reading Viruman

The Legend

A group of people is sitting in this fancy lab and planning to create a diabetes medicine that will cure it completely. And the leader of the gang, great scientist Saravanan begins the journey by telling them what a pancreas is. Throw in some fancy montages with colorful chemicals, chemical equations on a glass wall,… Continue reading The Legend

Iravin Nizhal

Iravin Nizhal, Radhakrishnan Parthiban’s new directorial, is a really odd experience. I mean, this is a movie that begins in the second half. No! I am not saying the first half is irrelevant or something. The first half of the film is literally the BTS. For a short while, I was confused about whether I… Continue reading Iravin Nizhal


Gargi, the new movie from Gautham Ramachandran, has the outlook of a legal drama. But the interesting thing about this film is that it does not have any of the traits of a typical courtroom drama. Gautham and co-writer Hariharan Raju have taken a subject that looks extremely grey. They explore the idea of dilemma… Continue reading Gargi


The only thing that can be considered as an improvement in Hari’s direction style in his new film Yaanai is the fact that the camera is getting enough rest. Besides that, he is pretty much stuck in the era where Singam was a blockbuster, and something like a Vikram was a risk. With the typical… Continue reading Yaanai


Directed by Seenu Ramasamy, Maamanithan, the new Vijay Sethupathi film is a movie that struggles to portray the struggles of a commoner. The movie wants to explore only the emotional side of the story, and hence the viewer is forced to watch a drama full of cliches. The intention is to present the eventful journey… Continue reading Maamanithan


In Kaithi, when Karthi’s Dilli gets stabbed multiple times and yet bounces back, it doesn’t really stick out to damage the movie primarily because of the mood set by Lokesh Kanakaraj till that point. And there is a sense of mystery about that character. It’s no longer a secret that Lokesh’s new movie Vikram, starring… Continue reading Vikram