Adanga Maru

Adanga Maru starring Jayam Ravi is one script that one will write if they watch half a dozen of Shankar movies back to back. The heavily used out theme of hero getting destroyed by mighty villains and then taking revenge on each one of them is getting repeated here. I am not entirely against using […]

Maari 2

Let me begin by saying that I wasn’t a big fan of Maari in the first place. And I wasn’t really against the idea of a sequel to that movie. And the reason was that the character of Maari who has this comical angle gives it a peculiarity if used in a solid enough script […]


I don’t know whether Shankar’s 2.0 is a disappointing film or not. Because I belong to that category that wasn’t impressed by the trailer and yet believed that we may get something better when the movie hits the big screen. Sadly that’s not the case here. The trailer in many ways is an exact representation […]


If you look at the films Vijay has done in the recent past, most of them had these political intentions mixed with them in an entertainer format. In my opinion, they all worked for me and also for those who aren’t necessarily the hardcore fans of the actor because of the blending of propaganda and […]


Over the top masala political thrillers is genre people like Shankar have successfully done in the past with films like Muthalvan. The young sensation of the Telugu industry Vijay Devarakonda opts one such ambitious political thriller for his Tamil debut in the Anand Shankar movie NOTA. Even though Devarakonda shines in his character, NOTA has […]