The Dark Knight Rises

The epic conclusion of one of the trilogy that’s been there in the minds of audience for around 9 years is indeed a classic one. Christopher Nolan amazes us again with his impeccable way of making fantasy movies. The multi layered narration and signature style direction makes this movie a truly amazing cinematic experience.

I don’t want to disclose too much about the movie as it will surely spoil the party. The movie starts of after 8 years of the demise of the built up hero of the Gotham city, Harwy dent. Commissioner Gorden successfully handles the law and order of Gotham city with the help of Dent act. Bruce Wayne also hides himself away from the dark suit with Batman being having the image of the murderer of Harwy. The story marks the return of the dark knight, when a terrorist Bane comes to Gotham city with a master plan to destruct it. Bane is the successor of Ra’s al Ghul of League of Shadows. His purpose of entry is revenge against Bruce Wayne and the city. How Bane plans to destruct the city and how the dark knight rises once again to protect his beloved city is the core of this concluding saga.

The biggest thumbs up of the movie are indeed the flawless charming script developed by Christopher and Jonathan. It is really amazing that how they integrates the Batman characters in to their versions in a really sensible way. In the latest version Cat Women and Robin are the add ons. Even the minute details and narrations are so important that once you recognize its beauty you will have a bright smile on your face. The kind of thrill this series offers is truly unique. For the first time, Nolan brothers give the Batman a physically solid competitor. The canvas for Bane is not as vast as that for the Joker, but still Nolan gives the character an acknowledgeable space in the movie.

On screen, Christian Bale gets a pretty good arena to showcase his acting skills with almost all the shades of emotions. Tom Hardy delivers a solid performance as Bane. His solid build up and expressive acting deserves a special mention. Anne Hatheway smartly portrays the character of Selina Kyle aka Cat woman. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake was really an impressive outing. Short but neat outing by Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. Michael Caine get a chance to portray Alfred in an emotional way. Morgan Freeman as Fox and Gary Oldman as commissioner Gorden was also impressive.

Technically, direction of Chris Nolan is undoubtedly excellent. The tempo of the script is beautifully maintained by him. It is really amazing to see a director tops himself with each movie. The script of Nolan brothers is also remarkable.  With a smart package of emotions, style, philosophy and unpredictability the movie keeps the audience engaged for its complete runtime. The visual effects of the movie need a special mention for its awesome blend. The team was able to convey the horror of situations. Wally Pfister gives an impressive slice of cinematography to the audience. The intro plane scene itself is a visual beauty. The original score of Hans Zimmer takes the thrill level of the movie to a pumping high.

Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a brilliant movie with typical Nolan surprises and styles. If you are a fan of the Dark Knight franchise, this one is really going to thrill you. I am giving 4/5 for this conclusion. Don’t miss this one.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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