The Legend of Hercules

the-legend-of-hercules-reviewWhen the known legend is made as a film, you cant really blame it for being repetitive. But the one thing we all look forward to see in such cases is the variety in presentation and the overall increase in quality of the product. The latest Hercules movie, The Legend of Hercules is a disappointing film that doesn’t have any attractive narration, out of the box imagination and standard acting to make you enjoy it.

The story is about the the legend of Hercules. What circumstances lead to the birth of this son of Zeus. The discrimination he had to face throughout his life. And the main focus of the film is those portions where Hercules finally realizes the purpose of his birth and how he accomplishes it.

Well the color tone, the darkness in frames and the slow motion action sequences will surely remind Zack Snyder’s 300. The problem of the film is in its script that just puts the brief idea of the legend in words without any fire. The sequences are happening as some kind of custom and it never takes the risk of showing it in a different way. The pace at which events unfold and the lack of conviction in creating those tough phases for our title character just doesn’t help the movie that ran on emotions. The romance also lacked passion.

On the acting side Kellan Lutz was disappointing as Hercules. There was no real grace in the performance of the actor to make Hercules look that powerful and influential. Scott Adkins as the King and Liam Mclntre as Sotiris were the only performers who showed some standard.

The making as I said, reminded me of 300 in many levels. Script doesn’t show the courage to experiment something in terms of presentation and the safe play makes it charmless. Cinematography was nice but the edits lacked sharpness. Visual effects were okay and some shots towards the climax were memorable.

Overall, The Legend of Hercules is not worth the money. The 99 minutes run time may help you to reduce the number of yawns. My rating is a generous 2/5 for this attempt.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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