The Wolf of Wall Street

the-wolf-of-wallstreet-reviewBased on the true story of Jordan Belfort , the latest movie The Wolf of Wall Street from Martin Scorsese – Leonardo DiCaprio combo is more of a fun ride about the stock broker turned motivational speaker. With very less compromise made in terms of visualising the madness (may be exaggerated – I wasn’t there ) and somewhat fairly explaining the motivational side of the guy, this movie is a damn good fun ride.

The story is about the Wall street stock broker Jordan Belfort. The man aspired to be a millionaire and entered the business after getting married. Some unfortunate stock market fluctuations makes his life miserable. How he manages to find a way out of it and how the new idea and his natural ability to convince people with his damn good speech takes him to that unbelievable fortune, and how the illegalities in this swift growth takes him into trouble is what this biopic all about.

Well if you can’t tolerate the F word beyond an extent , you may not want to get in for this one. The frequency of all those words uttered is too much (necessarily) but to create the persona of our leading character it is required. The place where the movie scores is in the visualisation which is packed with that juicy energy. The scene where Mark Hanna explains the dark truths about the broker world along with his insane tips is hilarious. Numerous such lengthy sequences are there in the film which you can shorten as LMAO. The only hitch I could feel was in the transformation phase. Even with an elaborate runtime of around three hours they couldn’t fit in much scenes to show us what really changed him.

On screen Leonard DiCaprio is simply awesome in portraying the character. The energy he brings to the screen is amazing and you might even scream with all the employees when he delivers his F spitting speech. The anger, anxiety and craziness was safe in his hands. Even with his brief appearance, Matthew McConaughey as Mark Hanna was a delight to watch. Jonah Hill as Donnie was also damn good. Margot Robbie played her part with all the steam required.

Martin Scorses have made the movie without loosing the madness of the plot. Character narration, some of the sequences in the first half like the scene where Jordan trains his partners how to grab the client simply shows the caliber of the director. Screenplay nicely includes the incidents happened and as I said in the beginning, they could have included more sequences on the post arrest section. Cinematography is good and the edits are fabulous.

To sum up, The Wolf of Wall Street is a movie that is hilarious and appealing. Brilliant contributions are there in making and acting to give you a paisa vasool entertainment. My rating is 4/5 for this “Cucking Food” movie.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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