The Wolverine

the-wolverine-reviewApart from that stunning bullet train roof top fight where Logan fools the other guy, there is nothing really appealing there in this X Men episode; The Wolverine. The plot has that interesting shade of showing that emotional side of a comical super hero. But as the movie concludes, the overall output isn’t that satisfying.

After the death of Jean, Logan is quite down and nightmares involving her were annoying him frequently. In the midst of these, a Japanese girl approaches him and tells him that her master (Yashida), who was once saved by Logan during the Nagasaki Nuclear war, wants to see Logan before he die. Yashida tells Logan that he wishes to repay him by making him mortal, so that he can gradually end his life in a common manner and get out of these mental tortures he faces every night. With Yashida asking Logan to protect his grand child from his son, who is after money and power, Logan decides to be there for her. The movie is basically about Logan’s efforts to protect Mariko from these guys and with him losing his self healing ability in the midway, the ride gets tougher.

It all started off quite smoothly and interestingly with a recluse Logan. But soon after the guy gets into that lively form, the movie starts to feel easily predictable. And that suspense factor also doesn’t seem to have a great impact as most of us can predict that some foul play is there behind the offer. Some humor is definitely there in the content to keep you engaged, but there isn’t much to keep you excited about the happenings.

On screen, Hugh Jackman is comfortable in his trademark role as the complicated and tough Wolverine. Haruhiko Yamanouchi is convincing in his limited appearance. Tao Okamoto did her part with that required innocence and Rila Fukushima was also cool in the Body guard avatar.

In the making, the direction is good enough to keep us interested in the film. But it’s the screenplay that follows the typical flavors. Lack of surprises and depth makes the movie charmless and the occasional fight sequences can’t really help the movie in getting back in the track. The visual effects are quite impressive. Good cinematography. Unlike the typical X Men style, the background scores are quite limited.

Overall, this one is an average entertainer. It has its moments, but sadly not enough to amaze you. My rating is a generous 2.5/5. I wasn’t impressed.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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