Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare

Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare has been promoted as the first movie of the television star anchor/singer Rimi Tomy and the movie is somewhat a tribute to Rimi as it shows the same kind of things Rimi do on channels. The difference is that in TV because of the small duration, her acts are enjoyable and occasionally unbearable. But here the entire movie is a mighty piece of absolute trash that you will have to tolerate. I am not blaming Rimi Tomy alone here, from scripting to making almost every department of Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is extremely disappointing.

Jayadevan Chunkathara is a famous script writer in the Malayalam daily soaps. At a time he is scripting 2-3 serials which are all on the top of rating charts. The movie deals with his marriage where the reluctant Jayadevan marries his ardent fan Pushpavalli. The life with the serial obsessed partner wasn’t going that smooth for Jayadevan and the movie deals with that phase of his life where he tries to tackle it.

Ironically the movie makes fun of the serials malayalies watch daily and the standard of the movie itself was equal to or less than that of these over emoted junks. The first half of the movie has these exaggerated jokes that gets the support of amateurish scripting and direction. The second half tries to become more intense and all you can do is to look at the screen hoping that the “Directed by” title will come soon. The whole ghost plot and its back-story would make you realize how outdated the scriptwriter is. The making tries to be innovative but Kannan Thamarakkulam hasn’t done anything that can be called as innovative. At many points you would feel that why are we even discussing these subplots. The most unbearable thing is that towards the climax we get to see the characters praising the hero for his creations that were shown as trash quality writings in the beginning. With a Palani climax twist, it reaches that epitome of annoyance.

Jayaram’s portrayal of Jayadevan Chunkathara is a repeat telecast of his many other performances; the same old tension, the same old “shock” reaction and the same old anger. I think the director casted Rimi Tomy expecting to behave like the way she presents herself in these talk shows, but the actress was struggling and mostly it was over acting. In the beginning portions you could really see her trying to hide smile. As we don’t have the remotes, we just have to bare it. Anoop Menon’s Trivandrum slang sounded awkward and at some points he forgets to keep that slang and those portions sounded well. Janardhanan, KPAC Lalitha, Idavela Babu, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Saju Navodaya, Muthumani and many more are there in the star cast. May be to create a buzz around the serial loving housewives, almost the entire serial fraternity is there in the movie.

The making as I said is outdated and the styles are too repetitive. I don’t understand the logic of revealing characters in trailers and presenting them as surprises. The script is a chaos of too many things. It is trying bizarrely to narrate a story meanwhile spoofing the serial industry.  Dialogues are amateurish. Cinematography is kind of okay. Edits weren’t that great. Background score was too high. The music was poor.

On the whole there are only a very few moments of humor in this movie from Kannan Thamarakkulam. The rating for Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is 1.5/5. It kind of helps you in upgrading your tolerance level.

Final Thoughts

I am not blaming Rimi Tomy alone here, from scripting to making almost every department of Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare is extremely disappointing.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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