Romeo Juliet

The problem with the movie Romeo Juliet starring Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani is that it very much tests the sense of a common man’s idea of romance. In some way it is one of those movies where the hero wants to take revenge on the girl who ditched him. But writer director Lakshman has miserably failed in creating a reason for romance thus making the movie enjoyable only for a few scenes that had the touch of humor.

Aishwarya is an air hostess and unfortunately she is an orphan. She is in search of the love of her life and the man in her imagination should possess a lot of money. She sees this charming young guy named Karthik from flight and a chain of coincidences ends up in a misunderstanding that Karthik is a rich guy and she falls in love with him. How the actual identity of Karthik causes problems in the relationship is what this almost two and a half hour long movie narrating.

As I said, there is no depth in the romance that is happening in the movie. If it is the hero who is falling in love in the first half, the same happens with the heroin in the second half. The write-up about the female character is so rude that we as an audience at any point won’t want to see the pair in a relationship. Karthik’s love for Aishwarya is very much related to her external beauty as there are no real instances in the movie that establishes Aishwarya as a gem of a person. Aishwarya’s late realization about Karthik seems like an obligation for convenience rather than true love. Some scenes nailed by the actors are the entertaining moments of this rom com. The possible practical revenge of a young man has been shown at some places in the second half and the audience appreciated all that as it had some sensibility.

Jayam Ravi can take credit for making his character look sensible with his performance. Hansika wasn’t that great in her Aishwarya avatar. VTV Ganesh gave the audience a few moments of laughter. Small roles for Vamsi Krishna and Poonam Bajwa.

In the making Lakshman succeeds in capturing some reactions of our hero in a very reasonable way. But apart from that, the treatment is very much clichéd. An intro song for hero, lame self made standards for falling in love, drunken dappankuthu song when break up happens; thus all these typical elements of a Tamil movie is stuffed in. The script also fails to include romance in the content; a movie titled Romeo Juliet should at least have an Aashiqui 2 level romance. Music from D Imman was a good one. The edits and cinematography were okay.

The movie has entertainment here and there but the quintessential romance between hearts is missing in this Romeo Juliet. Rating for the movie is 2/5. Romeo’s wallet sounds more sensible than Romeo Juliet.

Final Thoughts

The movie has entertainment here and there but the quintessential romance between hearts is missing in this Romeo Juliet.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. Good review.
    Have u seen indru netru nalai, inside out.? I would like to know ur opinion on those movies…

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