thira-reviewRecently we have seen a whole lot of films based upon the contemporary theme of female security. Even though it has similarities with latest thrillers like Kahaani, Thira manages to succeed in making its audience happy with some freshness in making and also with the brisk speed. A thriller that can engage its audience without heavy dosage of background score itself is a great achievement.

The plot here has a social activist / doctor Rohini as the central protagonist. She is someone who takes care of the girls who had to face the tortures of some devil minds. The rivalry these people have against Rohini and her activities leads to the missing of the girls under Rohini’s protection. Her attempt to save her children along with a boy Naveen who gets involved in this due to personal reasons is what the less than 2 hours long thriller trying to show us.

The most pleasing part for me was indeed seeing the transformation of the director. A serious content demands some real feel and the makers were sincere in doing that. The transition of Naveen from just a cool guy to a socially responsible young man was nicely integrated in the script. Also the character given to Shobhana was really deep and powerful. They have included the latest shameful developments in the Indian judiciary and it was more convincing than what major Ravi did with Karmayodha.

Shobhana has truly lived the character. She has this ability to communicate even with a stare and the character of Rohini requires it very much. Dhyan Sreenivasan is fearless as a new comer. He has managed to lessen the errors. The actor should focus on his dialog rendering in sentimental sequences as it lacks the required drama. Apart from both these characters there are many other characters that just comes and goes but has relevance in the story. The casting deserves applauds for that and with the film having a sequel, we can’t really complaint for leaving a few characters in the mid way.

That section of audience who were reluctant to admit the caliber of Vineeth Sreenivasan as they felt Thattathin Marayathu as a chocolate romance may want to reconsider their opinion on the director. He has done it really well without giving a chance for us to deviate from the movie. The script from Rakesh Manthodi has that engaging tempo and the placing of events also carried the excitement nicely. Problem I felt was in the drama of dialogs. As Thira’s situation and characters had that raw feel, the dialogs also could have been a bit more on the real side. Jomon T John’s cinematography is also in that different style of keeping it rough and it was really good as the narrative demanded that style. Ranjan Abraham’s edits were really sharp. Dhyan can thank both Jomon and Ranjan for making his action sequences look better. Coloring was elegant.  The songs have already made a good impact and they have used it at the right places. The background score was less and effective.

Thira is not that far from being perfect. With sequels in the pipeline, the chance of more exciting twists and turns in the future episodes are there as they have left some hints here and there. The movie has performances, solid technical backup and a story that can be considered as the better one when compared to similar stories that came out with the same theme. My rating is 3.5/5 for Thira. I am waiting for Amar. Any guesses?

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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