Thor The Dark World

thor the dark world reviewMarvel has this reputation of presenting their super heroes in that cool zone to make things appealing for the viewers. Thor The Dark World is no different from these sorts of interpretations and when you watch it with that fun seeking mindset, there is ample to please you. The overall coolness, refreshing takes on set pieces, some memorable crooked characters and those witty moments where they mixes real world and fantasies makes this film from Marvel enjoyable despite of the cheesy relationship sentiments and the formulaic base ideas.

This time the story is focused on a mass destruction weapon Aethar which was concealed in the dark world thousands of years ago. Malekith who was in search of this Aethar, had to go to a suspended animation after they got attacked by Odin’s father Bor. The story goes to its complexities when Jane gets infected by these Aethers. How this Aethar is removed from her body, how Thor protects her from Malekith and also prevents Malekith from becoming a nasty power is the content here.

Well the structure of the story is has no surprises as we are familiar nowadays with these sort of weapon oriented super hero stories. What made me happy while watching Thor was the way they mixed reality and fantasy. And the attitude of Loki also offers a whole lot of fun to this movie. The magnitude of the set pieces isn’t that big when compared to the other Marvel heroes, but some hilarious takes are there in these destruction sequences where you see everything getting transferred between worlds at the time of convergence. They have used those scenarios for both humor and also for some smart tactics. The sequences involving Loki were charming as the writing was really cool in presenting the character.

Performance wise Chris Hemsworth has done his less complicated role nicely. Natalie Portman was also comfortable in her character as Jane. While the rest of the cast was offered less challenging characters, the one guy stood out with his performance was Tom Hiddleston with his enticing portrayal of Loki.  The crooked and emotional character whose face always has this superior attitude was safe in his hands. Kat Dennings also offers some witty moments with her performance.

The director Alan Taylor manages to maintain a good tempo and those cheesy brother sentiments aren’t that sloppy. Te script doesn’t go after any path breaking plot elements as it simply reinterprets the same old formula. But it’s the pace of the script and the cool rendering of it that makes this movie a fun watch. Visual effects department have done their job neatly and for a change, Marvel has chosen London instead of New York.  Good background score and the visuals were also pleasing. There wasn’t any necessity to present this in 3D as it wasn’t used much.

To conclude, Thor The Dark World doesn’t have any mind blowing story, but the making has that swiftness and humor which keeps you engaged.  With that last moment climax twist which keeps the franchise alive, you are sure to have a smile on your face. The rating is a 3/5 from my side. Enjoyable!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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