Thrissur Pooram

Sitting through the latest Jayasurya movie Thrissur Pooram is not a difficult thing. But finding a take away for you as a viewer after this two and a half-hour long movie is an extremely difficult thing. Scripted by music director Ratheesh Vega and directed by Rajesh Mohanan, Thrissur Pooram is a collage of almost all the gangster movie clichés. They are using familiar ingredients to construct the story and whenever they are trying to add something different, it was way over the top.

Giri our hero is a goon in Thrissur town and he has taken a break from all the bad activities after getting married. But circumstances drag him back to the game when someone extremely dear to him dies in the gang rivalry. Giri’s revenge for that and the repercussions of what he does is the soul of Thrissur Pooram.

RD Rajasekhar has done the cinematography of this movie and to be honest that’s the only thing that is giving this movie some respect. His frames somewhere manage to create that over the top vibe which was essential for the movie as the script wasn’t providing any big surprises. Just when I was feeling there wasn’t anything fresh in the movie, Rajesh Mohanan and Ratheesh Vega tries to include a beta version of Fast and Furious into this film and we have Jayasurya trying to save his gang member by standing on the bonnet of his moving vehicle in an express highway, snatching an ambulance that was inside a moving container and hiding a KSRTC bus in the most unthinkable manner. Whether the movie will work for you or not depends a lot on how you look at these kinds of heroics; it never excited me personally.

Rajesh Mohanan who previously made movies like Salt Mango Tree, Escape From Uganda, Kalyanam, etc is trying a different zone with this new movie. But sadly there was no real difference in his treatment. Something unpredictable happening in this Ratheesh Vega script is a rarity and the occasional moments of twist won’t really surprise you. Towards the end, the film becomes a tiring experience as we have multiple showdowns featuring various characters. Ratheesh Vega’s background score becomes a bit annoying towards the end because of the excessive usage of it with too much slow-motion heroism happening on screen.  As I already mentioned, the cinematography definitely gives a push to the visual texture of the movie. The stunts are edited nicely but Jayasurya lacked grace in being that mighty hero.

The movie utilizes the Punyalan like funny side and the angry shades of actor Jayasurya. He has the charm to be Giri in terms of looks, but somewhere I felt he wasn’t really becoming that action hero the movie wanted. Sabumon is there as the main antagonist and he wasn’t used effectively. Vijay Babu was okay as the Tamilian Commissioner. Swathy Reddy was convincing as the wife. The unavoidable Thrissur ingredients, TG Ravi and Sreejith Ravi are there in the cast in prominent roles. Sudev Nair, even though in a small role made a good impression. Mallika Sukumaran, Murugan, Binoy, Manu, John Kaippallil and Manikuttan are some of the other names in the huge list of actors.

Thrissur Pooram doesn’t have anything fresh to offer as a gangster flick. If Jayasurya showing his swagger by folding his Mundu and staring at villains is enough for you, then you can try your luck with this one. Visual quality can only help you in cutting good trailers. For a better film, you need the foundation laid by a solid script.

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Final Thoughts

If Jayasurya showing his swagger by folding his Mundu and staring at villains is enough for you, then you can try your luck with this one.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.