Towards the end of the movie Theerppu, there is a scene where Vijay Babu’s Ramkumar Nair tells Indrajith’s Kalyan Menon to stop the rhetoric and come to the point. It was pretty much what I felt when Prithviraj’s Abdulla Marakkar was sitting on that couch and saying lines before he could deliver justice. Theerppu is… Continue reading Theerppu

Thrissur Pooram

Sitting through the latest Jayasurya movie Thrissur Pooram is not a difficult thing. But finding a take away for you as a viewer after this two and a half-hour long movie is an extremely difficult thing. Scripted by music director Ratheesh Vega and directed by Rajesh Mohanan, Thrissur Pooram is a collage of almost all… Continue reading Thrissur Pooram