Well, if you are someone who is eagerly waiting for a Vijay movie that is thrilling, entertaining and not too much over the top style, Thuppakki may well be the movie you were waiting for. Cliché Tamil movie formulas are there in this Murugados movie. But still the non typical Vijay and the kind of commitment of the plot makes this movie an engaging time pass fun.

The plot revolves around Jagdish an undercover DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) agent who is on a hunt to find the head of a terrorist attack. His successful operation manages to fail the operation planned by the terrorists and this leads to a direct encounter
between the both. When Jagdish understands that “Sleeper Cells” (Terrorists who are waiting for order from the top) are being used in this operation, he also plans to get to the villain to finish him. If the head is finished, the sleeper cells wont get any orders to execute and a bulk or large part of the terrorist attacks can be stopped. That’s the logic of the movie and this particular theme is executed by Murugados with some commercial masala.

Basically the film works for its non typical Vijay style. In a film titled Thuppakki, the amount of fight is very less when compared to the kind of Vijay movies we have seen in the recent past. But the plot isn’t that boring because of some cooler mind games introduced in the script by Murugados. The only demerit I could find in the movie was the placing of songs. Three songs are there involving Kajal Agarwal and Vijay. The most annoying part of it is that the heroine doesn’t really have anything to do in the movie’s story. Jayaram’s character also disturbs the intense feel of the movie.

On screen, Vijay handles the role of Jagdish very elegantly. He was cool in dance, controlled in comedy and he did the most difficult part in a satisfying way; fighting against Vidyut Jamwal. Kajal Agarwal’s role was an absolute waste, but her performance was good. Vidyut Jamwal was dashing in his scenes, but an actor of his caliber could have been used more. Jayaram also did an unwanted small role as the senior officer of Jagdish. Sathyan did his part neatly as the SI.

In the making, Murugados have done his part fairly in direction. But when it comes to the script there are lots of portions that stand out as a disturbance as they are totally unwanted. Thankfully there aren’t any rhythmic punch dialogs to spoil the relevance of the plot. Muragados’s gesture to dedicate this movie to Indian Army deserves some applauds. In cinematography I couldn’t see a fully satisfying Santosh Sivan. Commercial plots really restrict awesome cinematographers. Sreekar Prasad’s edits are cool and the BGM is also engaging. Music didn’t really works for this time. Only Google Google remains in the head.

On the whole, Thuppakki is a satisfying entertainer for neutral and non typical super hit for Vijay fans. I am giving 3/5 for this A R Murugados film. If you are looking for a festival fun film Thuppakki wont disappoint you at all.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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