Guys I saw TRAFFIC today. Truly a great cinema!! Has never seen something like that in Malayalam cinema. Hats Off to the makers Rajesh Pillai, Bobby and Sanjay. Great work. A multi starrer story with importance to each character itself is the sign of a good cinema. Every role is important and each actors performed well in their role!! From the first titles to the last scene thoroughly enjoyable and engaging!! Its an amazing film, becoz the film revolves around incidents taking place in time span of nearly 12 hours and it covers a lots of shades of life within that time. There is love, tension, humiliation, sadness, betrayal, anger. The actors Sreenivasan, Rahman, Vineet Sreenivasan, Asif Ali, Kunjako Boban,Anoop Menon, Sai Kumar, Sandhya, Roma, Remya Nambisan(very small role), Lena (good acting). The direction is superb an the screenplay is excellent. Special mention to those two accident shots. They really looked brutal. Sai Kumar as the Father was fantastic. Rahman as the Film star, Sreenivasan as the constable/ father, Asif Ali as the True Friend, Kunjako Boban as the Humiliated Husband/ doctor, Lena as the Mother, Anoop Menon as the Commisioner, every one did their job neatly!!. Some scenes really touched the heart!! The editing, camera all are done neatly.. I felt they could have made the on road scenes a little more fast!! The film accelerates in a very thrilling way… The run time is only around 2 hours(not even 2 hours)… But its worth all the money you give!! Ladies and Gentlemen here is a director you should really watch out for RAJESH PILLAI!! Much much better than some of the reputed film makers!!
My rating for director RAJESH PILLAI’s TRAFFIC is 4/5!!
If there is a one liner for this movie, it would be “TRAFFIC is TERRIFIC”
Go and Watch it Guys!!
Final Thoughts

If there is a one liner for this movie, it would be "TRAFFIC is TERRIFIC"


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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