Transformers Age of Extinction

Well more than the logical side of the fantasy ride, it was the visual extravaganza that made me like the Transformers franchise. When it comes to the latest and lengthiest of the Saga, Transformers Age of Extinction; director Michel Bay has embedded hell a lot of mass destruction sequences which surprisingly made the movie a dull one.

The story this time happens in the future where after a war between autobots and decepticons humans are hunting down every autobot to make earth free from these alien creatures. In the mean time they are making researches in creating similar ones using the molecularly unstable metal called “Transformium”. Humans have asked for help from the rivals of autobots and the manually created Galvatron has something spooky about it as it has something to do with the Megatron. How all these things messes up the plot and how the autobots along with the help of a robotics inventor Cade Yeager and family fights for a solution is what this movie talking about.

Well you can’t actually ask too many questions on the logical side of this fiction, but still when you claim that the title characters are Aliens and you have real countries getting smoked, some kind of logical explanation would satisfy you. I think the prequel; Dark of the Moon was able to create such a feel by incorporating the Chernobyl issue with this. When it comes to Age of Extinction the usage of visual effects to show the fight between the giants has reached a particular level where you might even yawn because of its excessiveness. The last 30-40 minutes of the movie has literally whitewashed Beijing and the full house audience doesn’t showed any response (I don’t think it was humanitarian).   If you haven’t watched the prequels, these transforming cars and trucks may surprise you, but for those who have seen the film the whistling moments are quite less.

Well as a director Michel Bay has this ability to show these wars in that gigantic canvas. By reducing the possible amount of melodrama, he has tried to keep the movie in that entertainment zone. But it’s the script that ultimately decides the fate of the film and here we don’t have any interesting twists or interpretations from Ehren Kruger. Aliens talking like humans, the dragons and those new transformers whose faces are less metallic kind of takes away the charm from the movie. It may be Mr. Bay’s idea to show the improvement they made in the vfx department, but for me it was an overgrowth that looked bore. The BGM was a good one. Cinematography was nice. Well the visual effects at times don’t blend that easily with the background. And sincerely I didn’t like the transformation of Galvatron and his team (Somewhere it reminded me of Ra.One).

On screen, Mark Wahlberg gets to play that strict dad of a girl whose shorts are so short that we could see the pockets coming down. Wahlberg was comfortable playing the character. Nicola Peltz wasn’t that great (Ah I missed Megan).  Jack Reynor is just about okay. Stanley Tucci was the one who got to act with multiple emotions and the guy was pretty good.

Well I used to like them for the kind of amusement even when they were critically trashed. But this time it was too much to accommodate. On a time where we are getting to see stunning visual effects in almost every Hollywood film, I think Mr. Michel Bay should have invested more time in the writing part. The rating is 2.5/5 for Transformers Age of Extinction. The good news is that USA is a safe place to live now and my dear China, you guys now has an option to reduce population.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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