Beware of Dogs

The movie Beware of Dogs directed by Vishnu Prasad in a way is an altered version of Delhi Belly. You have jobless aimless unsettled youngsters getting involved in a trouble that has this diamond transaction between two parties. The film never questions your logic or spray excessive amount of so called “new generation” ingredients and with the repartee of the main leads, Beware of Dogs is a passable movie that lacks freshness.

The story revolves around the life of five youngsters Dominic, Oommen, Omanakkuttan, Gautham and Sunny. They are living on the first floor of a conservative malayalee’s house for rent and as most of them are jobless the earning is almost zero and the guys are struggling to pay the rent. In the middle of this they unfortunately get involved in a smuggling operation of a gangster Baptist. How this incident changes their life and the chain of events that follows this incident are what this movie focusing on.

The first half of the movie is mainly focusing on the screwed life of these unemployed youngsters. As the level of exaggeration is less, the film comfortably surpasses this phase with some jokes that works and some that doesn’t. Then it enters that zone where our heroes are in trouble. The problem is that we don’t really sense any sort of big trouble. But the witty conversations that comes out of hunger and desperation makes these scenes watchable.

Wilson Joseph is okay in his character. Sanju Shvram played his singer part nicely. The actors who entertained me the most were Shekhar Menon and Sreenath Bhasi. Shekhar did the role of Omanakkuttan nicely and it was the nature of the character that created laughs. Sreenath was actually repeating himself with all those sarcastic murmuring counter dialogs. Sunil Sukhada was impressive. The female leads were disappointing. Good performance from Simha, Manoj K Jayan and Dinesh Prabhakar (paspist).

Direction is okay from Vishnu Prasad. The treatment needed a bit more energy and his direction couldn’t add that to the average script. The script has charmless twists and as I have seen Delhi Belly, that climax was a predictable one. Nice cinematography. Songs were average and the edits were poor.

Overall it’s a watchable film with nothing really special to make it memorable. The rating is 2/5 for Beware of Dogs. As I said, it doesn’t have this excessive dosage of alcohol/ smoking sequences but still lacks a solid content to contain.


Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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