veeram-reviewOld wine in old bottle: Ajith’s latest movie Veeram is that recreation of those films which worked 10 years back. Wafer thin story line comprising of plastic sentiments, awkward humor and a whole lot of dusty fights to showcase the guts of our macho hero. Apart from some Santhanam jokes and stylized visualization of rough looking Ajith, Veeram offers nothing new or memorable to its viewers.

The story here is about Vinayakam and his brothers. The brothers who had their own love affairs couldn’t convey their wish of getting married to their brother as he was against it. The brothers along with the family Advocate plans to setup a scene to make him fall in love. The movie actually goes through the developments after this particular romance drama which eventually succeeded.

From the first college fire sequence itself the movie sends out its intention of exaggerating things loud and clear. How different it will be was the question, but the answer was something that we already heard. Hero with his own style of delivering justice, romance that just blossoms rapidly, some ethics we see only in cinema and a revenge seeking villain who screams out of anger. As episodes of comedy, fights, songs and “heart touching ” sentiments flows without any break, the film wont allow you to yawn, but only the desperate viewer will find it worth applauding.

The direction from Siva is too orthodox and the outdated presentation just doesn’t offer any surprises in terms of visualization. The script is shoddy with plastic emotions. A few dialogues were impressive. Cinematography and edits are okay. Songs from DSP were average.

Ajith was fine in his character as Vinayakam and unlike his last few outings this character was more lively. Tamannaah was convincing as the typical lover girl. The pair looked not so pleasing only in those songs. Brother cast was okay. Santhanam and Nassar did what they were supposed to do.

Overall Veeram is a below average mass masala family drama. My rating is a generous 2/5 for this movie. The festive mood may help you to enjoy this Annan heroics.
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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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