VEERAPUTHRAN, directed by PT Kunhi Mohammed, about one of our freedom fighters from Malabar, Abdu Rahman Sahib, is a film which required fire, but failed to make even a spark in the minds of the audience. I cant even say Veeraputhran is a completely honest film.Lots of compromises were there.

First of all the film needs a big canvas. It should have been sound in every department. But VEERAPUTHRAN miserably fails in most departments. Performance wise, Naren disappoints. The problem I felt watching the trailer, stood out during the complete cinema. His dialog delivery. It was really out of sync. There wasnt a single scene where audience clapped for his “INSPIRING” speeches. The problem with Narein’s dialog delivery might even annoy at sometimes becoz of the perfection of experienced actors around him. Siddiq, Sai Kumar, Navas, Kalabhavan Mani and many others did their roles neatly.

On the making side, direction is average. The movie making style never made any goose bumps or even a single tear in anyone’s eyes. Lack of smoothness was there in screenplay. Dialogs were outdated and predictable. The first half of the movie is very dragging. Towards the end of the movie it picks up some momentum. Director failed in distributing Abdu rahman Sahib’s personal and political life properly in the cinema. The cameo role of Sarathkumar just goes in vain as the movie fails its aim.

M J Radhakrishnan’s Cinematography was Good (Compared to Veettilekkulla Vazhi this one is nothing). Songs arent that catchy or inspiring. There is a riot sequence in the first half of the movie involving actor Asokan. The BGM was copied from the famous Tamil song “Oru Chinna Thamarai…” (VETTAIKKARAN). That itself shows the sincerity behind the movie isnt upto the mark.

The movie goes through a lot of situations in our freedom struggle, but almost all of them fails to get a place in our heart. The performances of Kalabhavan Mani, Siddiq and EMS (The same actor played Sreenivasan’s young age in Palerimanikyam) gives us something to cheer about.

My rating for director P T Kunhi Mohammed’s VEERAPUTHRAN is 2/5.
Its an execution failure.

Final Thoughts

I cant even say Veeraputhran is a completely honest film.Lots of compromises were there.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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