Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee.. Simple, Honest and Delighting. A cinema with a strong message that is very much relevant in these times. Money is not Everything, that message was conveyed very neatly and simply by Ranjith. There are no action sequences, not even a single SLAP of family melodrama. There is no sentimental romantic scene. Everything was in such a great flow.

I went to the theater after getting only positive feedback about the movie and I was super excited as the Internet worlds villain, Prithviraj was working with one of my most favorite Director. If you want to know how much a director can do in getting a great performance out of an actor, just watch TejaBhai and Indian Rupee. Ranjith has showed Prithviraj the way to a new level of acting. People were howling when Prithvi was introduced in the movie. But as the movie progressed they clapped for him. All credit goes to that man with sharp voice… Ranjith.

The plot of the movie is simple. “Money is not everything in life”. JP alias JayaPrakash played by Prithviraj is a young blood who wants to make it big in life within a short time and he chose the way of doing real estate business. CH played by Tini Tom is the best friend and partner of JP. The mysterious man, Achuthamenon played by Veteran actor Thilakan has great importance in the movie. After Achuthamenon’s entry JP decides to shift gears in his life.

There was a loud round of applauds when Thilakan’s character conveyed a great message against the concept of dowry. Ranjith executed that scene with great perfection. Overall the movie is a hilarious ride. There were a lot of small dialogs which made the audience Laugh Out Loud. Even the expressions of Tini Tom and Prithvi at times were enough to ROFL. The conversation between Revathy and Thilakan, Scenes having Jagathy and Prithvi were all a delight to watch. There was a good on screen chemistry between Prithviraj and Rima Kallingal.

Performance wise, I think this is Prithvi’s best. That angry young man attitude was not used in this movie. And he showed a great improvement in his weak department, comedy. Ranjith has given Thilakan the best way to come back. A strong and guiding character in the movie. Achuthamenon controls the movie. And his performance was excellent. At first I felt Tini Tom’s role was a waste in the movie, but later on especially in the second half of the movie his expressions made the audience LOL. Rima’s role was small as per number of scenes. But she did it very neatly. Jagathy also did an important role. Ranjith has used Jagathy also to a good extent. Actress who played Prithvi’s Sister, Seenath, Kalpana, Mamukoya, Revathy, Suresh Krishna, Lalu Alex and many others did their small and relevant roles neatly.

Technically, story, screenplay and direction had that Ranjith signature. Dialogs were of great standard. S.Kumar’s cinematography was also very interesting. Some new type of visualizations can be seen (We are not familiar to that kind of Camera angles in a Ranjith movie). Only area I actually felt a little distracted was editing. I am not saying it was bad editing. But somewhere it created a distraction mainly in the first half. Beautiful music by the Ghazal Usthad Shahabaz Aman.

Somewhere in the internet I read a review by a famous kerala orientated site, saying that the climax might disappoint people who love commercial cinema. You are completely wrong my friend. People clapped when JP decided to give up his plans of easy money making.
Overall Indian Rupee is one of the best SIMPLE movie I have seen. Its worth all the Indian Rupee you give at the theater. One more movie showing that great movies can be made in small budget.

With a bright smile on my face I am giving 4/5 for Ace director Ranjith’s Honest creation INDIAN RUPEE…
Watch It.
Because its worth it.

Final Thoughts

Its worth all the Indian Rupee you give at the theater.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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